Sunday, February 17, 2008

Darfur Diary

They threw my daughter's body down the well
To poison it, and we had no water.
They shot my husband, and I cried for three days.
I heard of Americans movie stars protesting for me.
And the American President saying he will save me.
But then they took much money and are silent.
Something called "Olympics," in Peiking.
Where people run when a gun fires.
I am too tired to run when guns fire.
I would not do well in this Olympics.


Mizrepresent said...

Oh my, this was the ish! So thought provoking, sad and true...captured emotions.

Sharon said...

How amazing the imagery you have captured in just 10 lines of prose.

The heartbreaking truth of the reality of life in Darfur captured in 10 little lines.

The contrast of "running when a gun fires" in the Olympics verses doing it when guns fire (probably constantly) in Darfur opens up my brain cells to the ongoing tragedy in that land like no other words I've read to date have been capable of.

Breathtaking in the most horrible sense of the word. You should be proud to have authored this piece.

Kai C. said...

this is sad
but too much breathtaking i can take....

CapCity said...

WOW! Christopher - U & MyStery hit HARD in such short pieces ... and I LOVE it! THANK u for keeping us aware!

Anonymous said...

We pontificate about a lot of things in this little corner of the world, but it is so good to have some come a long and remind us that we are connected to, even rooted in something very real and tragic.

Thank you.

Don said...

Nice. I caught myself holding my breath while reading it.

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