Saturday, October 4, 2008

BD2Write's Anniversary & Thank You!

It is often said that "Time flies when you're having fun" and this blog is more proof that it's a true statement! One year and two days ago, on Oct. 2nd, 2007 we launched this blog and invited you readers to The Party of the Blog-o-sphere! One year ago TODAY, we received our first Gift, posted by Sojourner G. We continue to be thankful to all who stop by this blog, leaving comments and good vibes! Of course, we are deeply indebted to and grateful for all of our contributors who are the life-blood of this project.

Reiteration of How We Named this Blog-Project (& select much of the music):
Those of us who came together to create this blog-project came of age along with HipHop. Many of our parents thought HipHop would be a musical fad, much like disco. Instead, HipHop has blossomed into a movement -- and for many, a lifestyle. Clearly not the beginning of HipHop itself - Rappers' Delight was the introduction of HipHop to the world of those who are not native New Yorkers. Twenty-nine years ago, in 1979 Rapper's Delight became the first hip-hop single to go gold. We, the creative team behind Bloggers' Write, know that we did not start this phenomena of blogging, but we look forward to introducing the world to blogging as never before imagined! Because : "What you see is not a test!"

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Friday, October 3, 2008

No One Wins : 3 in 1

My mind is empty, my heart is still, no longer do I breath.
My eyes are closed, my brain shut off, no longer do I feel.
My voice is quiet, my soul is closed, no longer does it dwell.
You've taken what you've wanted, nothing is left of me.
You've taken all I've offered, and left me here to bleed.
You've taken everything I loved, and tossed it to the side.
I try to work things through each time, and seem to make it right.
I try to gather up the thoughts, and find the love inside.
I try to capture every breath, and hold it close to me.
You will not see me for the person that I am right now.
You will not know what you have done until the day I'm gone.
You will not know what you have lost, until it is too late.
We'll look behind us and stare into the past.
We'll hold out our hands, and see nothing but the pain.
We'll walk away grasping for the air.
No longer will I wonder, about the love we had.
No longer will I be alone even though you were with me.
No longer will I take the beatings of words that you twist and turn.
I'm done. You have won. I'm beaten, and I concede,
but as I go, I must ask... who is the victor? You or Me?

Pain Cuts Deep

He said he needed me
I thought that it was love
I was wrong again
When all he did was come

There were no loving kisses
No words of sweet romance
Just timely thrusts of sexes
That was the so called dance

A vessel for his needs
No desire does he give
As I slip away
No longer being his

Just two bodies joining
The love no longer shows
Though inside my heart is bleeding
As he just lets it flow

When the act is over
He tells me he is done
And I'm no longer needed
So I turn and run

I move away and leave him
My heart broken deep inside
My body it is empty
My eyes they start to cry

I tried to not be hurt
I tried to just ignore
The pain that I am feeling
As I close that bedroom door

So I came to write
Words that he won't read
Where I pour the pain
And hope it helps me bleed

My body shakes in sorrow
As my breath locks in my chest
And soon I'll face tomorrow
With a face that shows its best

No one will see the sadness
Or witness it this night
For like the times before
I'll cover it real tight

I just need these words
To cleanse my very soul
And once again I'll feel complete
My words will make me whole.

Gloom and Doom

Walking Away

She's shaking in frustration.
Her fingers barely touch the keys,
to form the words she needs
to set her spirit free.

Her body was his vessel.
His come the seed he spilled.
And though he knew her pain,
He still refused to heel.

She lies in disbelief and anger,
Unable to go to sleep.
As the tears flow faster
down her rosy cheeks.

Her jaw is tightly clenched .
Her heart is in a vise,
wondering why she thought
he ever would play nice.

Eventually she breathes.
Takes in the sex-filled room
and closes off her body.
In her mind she fumes

One day he'll look and find her,
in the arms of another soul.
One who makes her wither.
One who makes her whole.

Only then will he suffer.
He'll bleed for all its worth.
And she'll walk away,
her life finally rebirth.

ever wonder what if?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So tender, fresh, ignored...
I looked at her and saw my reflection,
tattered, worn, hurt, waiting.
I wanted to tell her how OK it would be,
but I had respect for her.
She asked me, "Why?" ... as if I had the answers in a confidential folder.
Her pride caused her chest to rise as if someone forbade to do otherwise in these situations.
An attempt of dignity came.
She walked away and told me she's going to find her salvation.
Her swollen belly glistened with innocence.

I wanted to tell her about the blank mission she was embarking on.
I wanted to tell her she was looking in the wrong direction.
I wanted to warn her about the blisters on her feet that were to come.
I wanted to hold her hand on this journey, but my feet were sore too.

She would soon find an unmatchable inner strength.
In time, the walk's purpose would change.
Her smile would resurface with the embrace of her unborn.
She'll ask me, " What about me?"
I'll just wonder for her as I do for myself.
Where's my safety net?
No one ever catches me.
What if I'm not sure?
So, is this it?.... Stick it out?
No one's listening.
No one ever is.
I held her hand and walked with her.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008



that's what people in the society do
that's what the media and tabloids do
that's what the school history books do
that's what's unrealistic hip hop do
that's what prejudice do
that's what ignorance do
with fucking lies
about living in a world
where we violently pretend to be
just perfect
bringing others down
with racism
self hate/jealous
all kinds of things we created
to make us more better
and i think it's fucking stupid
cos nobody is better than nobody
so go and read a certain realest book
only to find the TRUTH...

©2008 Kai C.


Not poetry per se--more art and culture...and will make to trip and flip! Forest Whittaker controversy here.