Thursday, February 14, 2008

* Prostration *

moments have passed
since you plunged deep
inside me
and took away
my humanity
I lay bloodied
hot flesh on cold tile
my heart eviscerated
thumping heavily
to a hault.

Copyright 2008, DENEA MARCEL

**Denea emailed me this, and I wanted to make sure it made it in in time. **

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

feb. 14

feb. 14
i know this day
this day of love
a billion of hearts falling
from the sky
and the cutest delicated cupids just shoots the arrow away
but it didn't shoot me

and it's okay cos
i know i'm better off alone
and i'm happy
though it does not mean that is not my favorite holiday
it is
cos i love love
i always have

when you read my poems
they are about love
can you tell i am an amorist?

oh love is beautiful
too beautiful
when it fleets off to my stars
like colorful daytime birds

so ode to february 14,
the day of love
has join its precious cycle
the day when saint valentine
comes out as a handsome ghost
who gave out roses and
greeting cards to all the ladies
at nationwide
expressing his love for them
all day long
until midnight

or is it me who thought of that?
yeah it's me
who thought saint valentine is charming
but i must say

love is on my shouder
and then
into my heart
how about you?
and your little thought of saint valentine?
even the cupid
the baby cupids with their pointy arrows
they just shoots and suddenly stabs the richest human souls
and makes them fall in love like
super magic

now how that happen?
i thought God is a cupid
with the touch of his finger upon
the someoe's heart
making it passionately beats
for the other heart

now that is a realest fairy tale
to me
it should happen on this day
february 14
cos it's the day when we are celebriting
the souls bondly come together
it's like soulmates day
or a true love day


©2008 Kai C.

i am the newest member of Bloggers Delight to write.
hope all of you enjoy the very first piece on this blog.
enjoy your night
and Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

* Ab-whore You *

My heart is caught in a vice
Leaving me unable to breathe
Forth my true feelings

Afraid to crave touch again
Tenderness has checked out of my existence

Only pain remains

Sinned stained sheets
Depraved of love
Filled with the spoils of lust
Nothing can wash away
The emptiness of your

Time moves in frames
Slow deliberate movements
Life no longer impacts the senses

The sun feels like a thunderstorm
The birds chirp to deaf ears
The scenery moving yet I lay catatonic with grief
Preferring this hail storm of sadness

Words don’t help
Self esteem scared to come out of hiding
Tormented by the defection of your presence

A layover no more
Flying the skies of life
First class with another


Left watching from the gate

How I hate
Loving you.

Copyright 2008, R. Fitzgerald

Monday, February 11, 2008


Images of the sun slicing it's rays through storm clouds
signaling the dawn of a new day
Birds melodic, bees pollinate, flowers bloom scent, trees reach sky
Life resurrected from soil death, washed clean by heaven's gift
Light bursts forth from within, spirit soaring from joy unspeakable,
but wholly understood from visage countenance, sweaty palms
delivered by your arrival
need for me
peace mentality

Forecast is optimum...optimistic
The newness of spring blends into summer's maturity
with laughs, giggles, sharing depths and past lives
Flight comes easy, now rehearsed and choreographed,
performed on sky's satin curtain
Others delight in our splendor, unnoticed by us on in a world of two
So free
So young
So strong

Cool breeze does Autumn's browning herald
Thoughts turn to south's sunnier climes
Though we discuss center with smiling eyes,
East holds your yearnings, West calls to me
Carpe Diem holds sway as dance fills nights
Foreboding forbidden, will not long be denied
Still these are the best of times

in all of its complex beauty, it's unique purity
is still cold,
so cold
As is indecisiveness
As is loneliness
As are yesterday's memories and Eastern thoughts
of winter's southern summer

Spring will never come again

Ecc 3:1-8

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved

Sunday, February 10, 2008



The Old Country…
The Motherland…
The Last Empire…
Reestablished a New World that had already been discovered.

Cultures compared and clashed…
Masses mixed and mated…
Languages split and blended…
We were born.

Trails of Tears…
Trails of joy…
Trailing lives…
Some trails were documented and many were not.

Sunrise to sunset…
Living and loving…
Communicating and confusing…
Life is lived in the moments.

Those are the foundations of life's moments.

"Yes, We can" …
"For Livin' I was born" …
"Strong men keepa gittin' stronger"…
Brothers uttered and penned passionately.

"We real cool"…
"I wrote a good omelet and ate a good poem"…
"You are such a fool, I haveta love you"…
Sistahs professed intently.

HisTory/HerStory/OurStory …
We. Are. The. Moments…
Active or passive…
Our lives are linked as we blaze these trails.

+ Can U name the authors quoted in the poem? +

C. A. Paige © February 2008