Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Virgin

I've posted this on my personal blog - thought I'd share here;-).

I'm no Virgin...
but I've never been explored...

I am virgin territories of unexplored depths.

I've been touched.
But, rarely connected.

I've been held.
But, rarely sheltered.

I've been in conversations.
But, rarely conferred with.

I've been looked at.
But, rarely looked into.

I've been listened to.
But, rarely heard.

I've been kissed.
But, rarely distinguished.

I've danced with.
But, rarely worked through steps.

I've partied with.
But, rarely been party to the collaboration of committed partnership.

And Now,
I am being regenerated
By The Creator ... for the Brother
... who I will fight for...not with.
... who will be the first... to be my last.

C.A. Paige©April 2007

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Haiku for Chicago

R Kelly is free yet is not my poet
Hearts are too often swayed and fooled
My heart bleeds for St. Sabina's Catholic Church.

Father's day

Father's Day


time to celebrates

the dads

cos they are the

special father figures

in our lives

dads, daddys, pops, papa,

grandpas, great granddads

they are all wonderful ones

they let us grow

strengthens us

worry us

protects us (especially their daughters)

loving us

Dads even stepdads, godfathers

who are the role models

to the good, good souls

good little souls

may bless these men who

enter our lives

may bless them who raise us up high

who walked their daughters down

the aisle to their future husbands

who taught their young sons how to


may bless them all

Great dads

awesome dads

wonderful loving dads

and we must celebrates

this beautiful sweet day

to honor

our own fathers

in the


may bless them all!


©2008 Kai C.