Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Dare Not

I want to tell her how very weak I am for her
But I dare not
How I long for the sweet sound of her voice
That laugh springing forth from the child in her
But no
How I want to talk words, music, pictures and my soul
How unnecessary it is to give second thought to the surface
With her

Should I tell her she's as comfortable as flannel sheets with satin class
Kool-Aid in a crystal goblet
That I'm mated to her in ways that I both despise and live for
Absolutely not

One more

Hmmph! Would only lead to more of the same and then
More of that other same


There is no substitute for the diamonds to be found in all that ground
And I crave those jewels
Sometimes with everything in me
Those memories shake me to this day
I know she quakes too
Why are things so ordered
Why are there games
Why do we bleed

Why not


Should I tell her how very weak I am for her

For what
To what end

I dare not

©SojournerG 2010
All rights reserved

Been a long time family.
...just for old time's sake.
Hope all are well and prosperous.