Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Science of Us

Equations that once balanced perfectly
Now pale in the light of reality
Every poem I ever wrote
Became a theory proven wrong
When our bodies combined
Allowing us to occupy the same space
On white hot cotton
Becoming one
I entered you
Intent on splitting the atom
Pillows flew
Like electrons flung
From the nucleus of unbridled passion
You covered me
Like a tsunami leveling all inhibitions
Light bent through fan blades
Blindly casting shadows on black skin
Vainly attempting to strip away heat
Flesh sublimed to vapor
Under the weight of friction
Our essence condensed to sweat
In the final solution
Soaked sheets were the only remainder
Of our physical division
Yet we remain
Forever standing

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Text and Photo: Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visitation Hours

Tucked away
Deep inside
Memories of you

The connection
The passion
The flow

It sneaks up
Reminding me of us

That strange union
Of poetry and spirituality

Your essence lingers
At the tip
Of my nostrils

I inhale
And shake
At times

You inside me
Me wrapped
Around you

You mused the
Shit out of me
I cannot deny it

Tucked away
Memories of you

I am big enough
To admit
You will be
A part of my soul

No matter
How hard I fight
Forgetting you
Disliking you
Whatever lil love
We had
Still has
A place in me

And I cannot let
It all go
It helped
Define me
I got my flow

Right in the square
Pocket of my soul
You will always
Have a place

I miss you
And sometimes
I open this space
And then say
The next time

©2008 Shai Lynn Kai Davis

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Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day (love poem)

memorial day (love poem)


i think of


on a typical monday


 memorial day

i am spending my time off

just to count

how many thoughts of you

slipping away

into pretty blue


closer to wonder

if you ever think of

me as much as i do

on a typical moment


cos i am thinking

every day i just breathe

and feeling little butterflies

inside my skin


you flew out

of anywhere

just strolling

over my brain


and oh, you let me

imagine your dark, strong complexion

all day

like every wistful sweet dream


©2008 Kai C. 

Congrats to Saadia Ali Aschemann!

Congratulations to Saadia Ali Aschemann - featured poet of BD, vol 1 - for being one of the two selected poets of the week on the PSH! Click here to check her out!

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Memorial Day Epitaph

Here on the battlefield lay our heroes
From Salem Poor and Peter Salem on Bunker Hill
To Andre Borden dead from a mine in Iraq
And the brother who shot himself last week, despondent.
From Barney's black sailors on Bladensburg Road facing the redcoats
Who brought Napoleon's legions low, to
the 54th Massachussetts, the Red Ball Express, the 9th Cavalry.
The old 24th--outnumbered 50-1 yet besting the Red Chinese and North Koreans...
...the soul brothers, grim and enduring the Viet Cong, at Ka Sanh.
Here they lay, so we may be free.
Here they lay, so that we shall have dignity.
Here they lay, so the nation that shunned and reviled them,
Shall not perish from the earth.