Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death Wish

What strange madness
That makes me contemplate the end
Making me seek a path to oblivion
The transformation
Passing from one state to the next
From a world of loneliness
To a place of bliss
From cries of ecstasy in the deep of night
To the soft stillness in the dead of dawn
I yearn for it
My soul cries out for it
I must have it
I must pass away in your embrace
I must give up the ghost of frustration
Yield my spirit in orgasmic union
It can not be soon enough
I count the days until our coming together
Trembling in anticipation
I close my eyes
And I see you approach
I touch myself
And feel your fingers across space
I stiffen
And your moisture feels so close
I inhale
And the aroma of your pussy teases me
I open my mouth
And I almost taste you

That is how I count the nights
Cruel anticipation of release
As the sands of the hourglass flow
Time and desire lead me to you
Where each night we will find
Death in each others arms
Only to be reborn with each new day

Like many of my poems, this one comes with a photo, but at the last minute I decided to post it without illustration. While I love the photo, I guess it's not as essential as some of my other poems so I'll avoid the risk of making anyone... uncomfortable ;-)

Peace and Love,


Poem and Photo: Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I feel a burning in my chest
You've stolen it
And it seems you will never give it back to me
Through the good,
The bad,
The worst,
You will hold my heart so hard it hurts.

I look into your eyes
Tell you I'm fine
Truth is, I've lied.

I weep
Tears soaking through my sheets

I can't admit
To tell,
It would show I'm really weak.

So here I am
Hands at your feet
Here I am
Admitting defeat


The Words In Between

He came to me
Wasn’t sure what he needed
But he succeeded
In getting me to drop my guard
It wasn’t hard
It was worth it
His words were perfect
Almost too per- but I’m not lyin
This man was tryin
His mission clear as day
He wants it he has to pay
Not money but attention
Not to mention
That this game he's spittin
Has been written
Line for line
We could go
I already know
So does he
Mind to mind
He is me
It wasn’t in the physical we connected
It was the words we respected
Didn’t just happened
It was real


A Cup of You

If I could pour you in a cup
It would be a hot
An, oh, so potent fluid
Sliding down my throat
Sustaining me
Giving me warmth
Traveling down my chest
Past my heart to
The center of my soul
A flavor so succulent, sweet
Teasing, tantalizing
My tongue
If only I could savor you
Bottle you up
I am at the last drop
So I swirl you around my mouth
Wishing I could lick
The bottom of the cup

© Shai Lynn K. Davis

Sunday, March 16, 2008

love 3-16-08

is the only thing
i can do
without words
without actions
just standing there
and look at you
smile stealing your
plus mine
cos love is what i do....

© Kai C.