Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We Wish You Safe Travels This Holiday Season.

We are thankful for the warmth and enthusiasm of our contributors and those who take the time to leave comments this holiday season. While you are enjoying gatherings of family and friends we hope you will think of us for just a bit. What is a gathering without music?

You may have discerned by our music selection that we came of age along with Hip Hop. Now, we are asking you to suggest music that inspired you as you were "coming into your own." Thank You!

Be Well!

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Monday, November 19, 2007


The Mountains--Daybreak
With friends
The River inviting
Swapping stories at the get together time

The Raft will be
A leaf sometimes
A leak sometimes
A stone sometimes
An unfortunate cell sometimes
A friend

The River will be
A course sometimes
A stake sometimes
A meal sometimes
Shelter from the rain sometimes
A friend

The Delta--Dusk
Muddied and weary
The River conquered

The mountains will be mountains
The raft will be raft
The River will be river

Friends will always be


(In this season of THANKS, give time to friends.)

glistening and shining
is this gift worth my life...
all gleaming and sparkling 'round your pretty little neck