Sunday, June 22, 2008

little girl's face3-27-08

little girl's face


i have a little girl's face

flat cheeks

bone structures

like straight oval

but i am still a woman

to your eyes

look at me

those dark brown eyes

never lie

and you think, you said i am beautiful

oh my little babyface

i never

wore make up

only a smile

a twinkle in my eye

and the cuteness is written

all over me


©2008 Kai C.


Of course I knew that sooner or later you’d call.
I was simply hoping that just this once, your need for me
might show up faster than your want for me.

Oh I know, “there I go again, tripping off of things that don’t matter”.

But still,

I can’t seem to help it.
I imagine a world in which the unimaginable is the reality.
A world in which I am needed in your world, not just wanted.
A world where I am necessary, a requirement, the cog without which the machinery that is you can’t function.

Oh I know, “Being wanted is a great thing!”

but still,

the thought of being an integral part of your program,
of playing a role so critical the show can’t work in my absence,
of being the opinion without which your thoughts simply can’t be sorted…
Hypnotizes me and creates this chasm between happiness over being wanted by you
and despair over my lack of necessity in your world.

AND, that keeps us so far apart.

Oh I know all this, but still…

© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008