Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Ex Files

No offence to you or anything...
I saw you the other day
And I thought to myself
What was I thinking

Or was I?

Sunday, January 11, 2009




you are my darker side

of my ancient God

purest blood of Africa

you were from Egypt

where you are in the sky

a star

part of sunset

and i wonder

how far away are you?

multibillion miles, i guess

cos with a bold eye

you symbolizes me

in some way

i see you

my brave king, my knight soldier

i am related to you

same black blood

cos my people came from Africa

as we were brought here

in America

through the chains of cold hearted slavery in 1400s

oh Horus,

you rose up on clouds

walk on sand

i see you grace with long stick sword

ready to fight

but you should not fight

you should make peace

throw your weapons down

and shake hands wth other gods

cos war doesn't solve anything

believe me, it doesn't

you 're a falcon

a free falcon

that made peace with other birds

and you lead them to your own stars

among the clouds

and with your bold eye,

i see you

watching over me

from the moon above

your veins rush through

my light brown skin

while i taste your soul

upon my spoken tongue

bitter and sweet

your voice in the wind

it floats through

my locs

i want to touch your hand

feel your dark skinned complexion

let your tears sprinkle down

to my fingertip


i am your being

you are part of me

my ancient God

your today human


my wanderings, my surroundings

not in Eygpt

but in the farther away in the multitrilliion, trillion miles of universes....

©2008 Kai C.