Saturday, June 27, 2009

i missed michael

R.I.P Michael Jackson

again for Michael,

you are
really are
a magical child
who wants to fly
and lives in Neverland
i know
in your brown eyes
i see sunbeams and stars twinkle
tears wets your sick skin
a shy magical child
inside your soul
i saw him
coming out of you
and searching for your childhood
through crowds of angry people
i know
and i’m sorry that you have to live this way
being misunderstood by ignorance
but Michael,
i understand where you are coming from
i understand
i must call you a soul-magical child
who flies in every beating heart
my lovely moonwalker in the sky
and you don’t need to prove your innocence
cos you’re innocent
like the eyes of a beautiful baby Jesus

you are a child
a magical child
in a grown man body
through out the years
i know you have suffer enough
this is why you’re never alone
cos there is also somebody who grew up
without a childhood
feeling your pain, your heart
and it kills me when strangers walked the streets
brainwashing by prejudice of wagging mouths
only to believe lies and hate
this magical child in you
has a heart
that is the biggest and wider
than the universe
nobody sees it
how big, how wide
there are thousands, thousands of rooms
inside your broken heart
i manage to get inside your different world
your lifestyle

and people don’t think
they judge
basically they judge God
cos God is a magical child
who creates you
and let extraordinary multiple gifts fall
out of His hands into your black soul
you used them onstage

so beautifully,
everyone cried
worshipping your precious arts
when you gave your all
i wonder if they called you that magical child
cos i am calling you your true name
a magical child
who never runs, never hides
he’s in your eyes
in your sick skin

i felt that magical child in you, Michael
the true colors of your rainbow
the voice of spoken word
i hear you
i feel you, my magical child
from far away
bringing such magic
to my soul
when i hear your music
your own heartsongs
just even warms my chills

yet you’re only a
magical child
magical Peter Pan
who change and heal the globe
caring for all children
in each race
who are lost and never was found
in this harsh world

you are that magical child
that lonely man in the mirror
nobody gets you
nobody gets your beautiful world
but i do
i read your history
i stretch out your roots
and it breaks my heart
to see you
swim in your own lonesome

but again Michael,
you are never alone
you still have people
who loves you
you’ve brought the most
magical child in all of us

and that’s why
i love you, mike
you’re that soulful little
magical dark child
who brings sparks to
my beating heart---

© Kai C.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Say What U will - but there's NO denying....

This is the MOST famous individual AFTER Jesus! Name ONE other person who was as WORLD famous by the time they were ten years old. I don't think it's possible. Jesus died - left this earth at the age of 33. No human should have been this famous, especially not as young as he was... it is the reason he is so troubled, in my opinion (in addition to the stress & abuse he endured). U may not like him, but there is NO denying his WORLD wide fame and influence. Can U IMAGINE the F&%ery and general mayhem that will ensue when this MAN dies? If you have ever been lucky enough to see him live I hope you saved those ticket stubs &/or photos because they will be as valuable to your children and grandchildren as any of the best stocks on the market. And you can quote me on that;-).

**This was originally posted on 8/26/07 on my blog: CapCity's A~musing. And My originally chosen video has been removed from youtube - but this one serves the purpose:

Wow! Michael Jackson left this earthly realm The Day Before MY Earthly Father's 73rd B'EarthDay. This was originally posted August 26th, 2007 and MJ passed away June 25th, 2009. I have ALWAYZ loved your talents even if I never MET nor KNEW YOU, Michael. I am THANKFUL for the works that you have blessed this earth with!