Saturday, December 13, 2008

the call last night

the call last night

your voice in my ear
the way you talked to me
gives me butterflies
this whole time
you give me butterflies
i don't understand but
i enjoy you
when there's no stars or moon
just you on the phone
sweet soft spoken words
i hear
not a whisper
just you in the dark
as we have conversations and butterflies
the call last night
i felt my heart fell in one place
in a still place
where i text and asked you,
"what do you want in a girl?"
you text back and said, "someone like you!"
i felt red, little butterflies
and you knew exactly what i want
though i fear of my heart
you were like magic
like sparks flying
i am kind of afraid of you
only a little bit
cos i think you're special to me....
©2008 Kai C.
my crush really likes me... i think he wants me to be his girl
but i am terrified!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Again

We are born stripped,
our bright bodies shining.
Screaming and radiant
our hearts ripe and pining.

Who will know
our truest heart?
Whom will we follow
from whom depart?

Pulling, loving
and always aching
Trying, crying
but giving, taking.

We've met this
and that, times before
Always unrecognized
but yearning for more.