Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Love Suite II: Comfortable Love

It's all about that COMFORTABLE LOVE

You know, that love that has gotten over it's frantic skittish "can't control myself" love? That running into brick walls gettin' bloodied up and still laughin' love?

No I want that, "let's walk hand in hand" kind of love, where I have every confidence I'm her MAN kind of love.

I want to look deep into her eyes and see my reflection there type of thing, to know that she's gone blind to another brother's overtures, you know what I mean? I want to talk about marriage and children and four-oh-one kays, joint checking accounts, two signatures on mortgages and picking out names. I want to come home in the evening from a hard day's work, smell my favorite dish when I hit the door, cooking, but it's the kids battling each other to hug my legs I can't ignore. And then it's her coming around the corner looking all beautifultired, wearing the biggest smile with my name on it just before her lips morph to a kiss with her heart on it.

Gotta have that peace in my spirit, but that movement in my soul, at just the thought of her while at work, when I'm sittin' on hold. And when the boys want to go golf and you say that it's OK, I tell the brothers, "next time" because it's with my girl I want to stay. You see I just won the lottery of love, Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championship of love. Hands held high in victory, I'm pouring champagne, giving television interviews cause I've got the Golden Ticket of love you see!

I want us to plan a trip together, get on a plane and go anywhere to play. Whether it's beach or Vegas or Rockies great mount, being anyeverywhere with her is what I'm all about. I just want to be in PUBLIC with her so that everyone will know, this brother is happily love's prisoner so scoot, skidaddle, just go.

But it's those quiet moments I'll cherish most, as we cuddle in our bed, the way her fingers absently stroke the back of my head as we watch some really bad movie, you know something like Judge Dredd? Because it really doesn't matter what we do or do not do. It's about being together, "it's about me and you. "

I'll massage her sore shoulders and paint her toenails, wash her hair, do laundry with her so that togetherness never fails. Nothing that she desires of me, will ever be denied. My boys will think I've been whipped, hope they'll learn love's stronger than pride. And she will run my bathwater and ask about my day, tied to each others past, present and future in every imaginable way. She picks me up when I am down, I lift her up as my crown and together there is nothing that we can't do. My heart beats, she is the sound.

And when I lay me down to sleep and beg my soul for Him to keep, it's her I immediately thank Him for as I drift into sleep so deep. Even there she is ever with me, filling reality then dreams, from twilight to day light giving me a reason to wake. Because I don't want to sleep on this love this COMFORTABLE LOVE, but want to run around in it all day. It feels like a favorite pair of jeans, shoes worn in just the right way, it's love that's the end of the search, it's here that I'm committed to stay.

Song of Solomon 7:1-9

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved


Demon Hunter said...

Wonderful poem, brother. I love that one! :*)


Kai C. said...

awwwwww. she's lucky

Mizrepresent said...

Dang G/Patna....i want that down deep kind of love, that foot soaking kind of love, that rubbing and kissing the back of my neck, even when it's sore kind of love, that i love you in between spaces, that i love you even when we racing to work, to school, to practices, to whatever...kind of love, that unspoken word kind of love, that daydreaming, thinking, wanting you kind of love...i want that kind of love too!

Femigog said...

Song of Solomon huh? The last verse of the passage you chose is enough to make anyone swoon. A woman whose taste can invoke speech in the mute...(swoon indeed)
The thing is that this poem seems juxtaposed with the scripture because it is beautiful and safe and of course comfortable.
But there is this passion in the scripture you chose that is undeniable. It stands out more to me because it comes from the Holy Bible and honestly comes across as erotic love rather than the lovely comfort of which you speak.
Like the speaker in the bible says that even in shoes this woman's feet undo him. She is the daughter of a Prince, a princess, but more importantly a Woman. Her breasts are like clusters of grapes (a most important commodity 2000 years ago). She, like the vine is coveted and an object of passion (as the fruit of the vine if not used moderately can cause heat in the individual) She inspires in him this flash of heat like one might get from wine.
To be sure women enjoy being one man's intoxicant and are quite comfortable in that role if it is expressed in the way you expressed in your poem....
forgive the length of my reply.

Anonymous said...

@Demon Hunter-Thank you. I appreciate your taking the time.

@Kai C-Thanks sugar. You have a quite a talent yourself.

@Pahtnah-Haayyyy! Suki suki now! I should've tapped you for the female perspective. We can do this thing on Duets!

@Fem-(Thankfully) I always have to gather my thoughts and center myself when I'm interfacing with your mind. Once again, as you constantly do, you have proven yourself astute, insightful, thoughtful and expressive. You are the one that makes me take a second look at my own stuff!!!LOL

You are so right about the scripture. It surely evokes a passionate even eros type of love. To be sure, it is implicit in this piece, but undergirds the mood and tone, allowing that which most take for granted to rise to the surface for public consideration and evaluation. One is the source of the other is the outcome of the other is the goal of the other is the result of the other (are you feeling my complete and unbroken circle...the wedding band?).

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever in life apologies for "the length of your reply" or any other communication with which you grace me.

Sharon said...

I must tell everyone who shows up around these parts that coming here is like Thanksgiving...one gets fed, and fed, and fed until one has no choice but to push back from the table and unzip one's jeans!

G, between your piece and Femi's comment I'ma havta run on up outta this here house and find me somebody to LUB! I want this kind of peace and contentment and that kind of hmmmmmmmm; and with all this talk about it around these parts, I want it now!

As always, once again you move me my brother!

BloggersDelight said...

You have captured true contentment in this piece!

MysTery said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!! I like it! :D