Friday, January 11, 2008

BD's First Annual Readers' Choice Award - reposting with Clarity

HisTory/HerStory/YourStory...The Poetic Voice

Submit a poem or two on the above theme
... showcasing your best Poetic Voice.

Maximum: 35 lines TOTAL (no more than two poems, please)
Deadline: Feb. 15th. -- Start POSTING them today, if you'd like or take sometime to think about it.
How: Post a poem & indicate either in Title or by adding an asterisk with topic in body of poem.
*In order to make it easier for readers to refresh their memories, we will provide links directly to all entries above the poll (links to the submitted poems will be posted starting the first week in February).*

Theme: YOU interpret the above as YOU choose - no relationship requirements or information need be divulged. We look forward to the creative versions that will abound here, no doubt!
We will post a Poll to include the names of all Contestants on February 15th.
Interested, but not yet a contributor? Please send us an email:
Again: Submitted Poems will have links clearly posted beginning the first week of February.
Readers will have until February 29th to enter their votes on our poll.

The winning poet with most votes will be the Featured & Only Contributor for the entire First Week of March: 1st - 8th! Winner will also have that distinguished Title: (1st B.D. Readers' Choice Poet) added to their Blog-roll listing. No cash prizes this time - we are just doing this for the fun of it!

Thank you in advance for participating and spreading the word.
And Thank you to Sojourner G and Iventbyblogging for bringing the discrepancies to our attention. We get better because of our participants!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hey Family,
Just want to share a bit, I have been asked to be a part of ZORA!, the Zora Neale Hurston Festival in her hometown of Eatonville Florida. I am so damn stoked! I love Zora, last year I was there selling my books, but this year I will actually present and represent my work, I am now on tour with the 'Saying No to Others is Saying Yes To You' tour, for young adults. As a mother, mentor and former Job Corps Counselor this feels like heaven to a sister. Sorry if this feels like self-promotion but I needed to share. Because working with young, disenfranchised SISTERS is my ministry...

Love and Blessings,

My Next Move

I don't want to be here
I hate being here
Just wanna scream, pull out my hair, and run away

Complain and complain
That's all I do
But what am I gonna do about it?
What is my next move?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love: Q&A

I want to thank Bloggers’ Delight for the invite.

And a very special thank you for featuring the sound track of my life as the musical background on which to cast my words. This blog has the absolute best musical selection and I’ve taken to leaving my browser parked here just so I can relive my life, my youth, my struggle to find myself, and my search for creative freedom. It wasn’t all good, but it was far from all bad. And in the end, I've found the best thing of all: True Love.

Love: Q&A

How does a man like me
Make a woman like you see
Truth in the love I offer freely
Beyond the pleasure I give easily
That satisfies you so completely
Yet leaves you doubting my sincerity
When I tell you you're the only one for me?
Honesty? You knows my history
The broken hearts I tossed aside so carelessly
The failed attempts at matrimony
And let’s not forget the notoriety
That comes from a past of dependency

How do I prove I’ve found my way
That I’m telling you the truth and it’s OK
To trust me to do right day after day
No matter what other people say?
I know they say a player’s gonna play
But I played and lost and had to pay
After learning my lesson the hard way
That a woman’s heart isn’t made of clay
Not something I can break and throw away
So I promise to be yours and never stray
And make a vow to cherish you every day
I’m telling you I’m here to stay, oh-kay

How do I make you feel it’s true
When I whisper in your ear “Baby I love you”
And tell you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To make you happy as my boo
And make a life for just us two?
How do I make those words sound new?
Perhaps God’s love provides a clue
For only He could carry me through
By coming to my spiritual rescue
To make me pure as morning dew
And put me on a mountaintop to view
What life can be for me and you.

Peace and Love,

Ali’s Zay

Original poem and photo Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Delayed yet Delight-Full

We hope you all had wonderful holidays and partied to your heart's content!

May your 2008 be filled with Delight and Prosperity!

We truly appreciate the love you have shown & continue to show us here in Blog-Land.

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Back in the day...

The addition of Prince to the song list took me back to the days when I was a shy young thang too afraid to dance with boys. I'd run to the ladies room at school dances as soon as a Prince song began. Ahhhh ... the innocence of youth. :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Your husband is the best thing
that ever happened to me.
A great guy for my best friend
and he was a sight to see.

When he found that I had no one,
he was always the gentle man,
volunteering to do the little things
for which I had no plan.

I understand how you love that man.
He is a beauty to behold.
When I started feeling things,
myself I began to scold.

Placing distance between us,
girl I just had to.
I was losing control of my emotions
the beating of my heart too.

But his sweetness
(and our friendship)
his gentle nature
(and our gossip)
his neo soul ways
(and our manicure trips)
just kept bringing me back.

You argued with him one day (and you do that a lot).
With him you asked me to talk.
He reluctantly ran it down to me,
didn't seem that it was his fault.

He didn't want to talk about it
Your privacy he keeps close
but because you sent me to him,
On my heart he wrote his post.

So long he's been so miserable
Just trying to keep the peace,
trying to make you happy
but going down to defeat.

He broke down in my arms,
cried like babies with stolen candies.
I don't know what was wetter
His face, or my panties.

He tore himself away from me
saying my touch was just not right.
But he appreciated my listening,
Maybe we could talk again another night.

I must confessed I dreamed of him,
elaborate scenarios created.
He took me around the world and back again.
We laughed, we talked, we dated.

But one day you must have pushed him
just a little bit too far.
I happened to be at the mall that day,
saw him sobbing in his car.

This is ridiculous I said,
"Do you want to come to the house?"
He hesitantly agreed.
Once there was quiet as a mouse.

He just looked at me
with pain etched in his face.
I just looked at him
and felt his every ache.

Can't explain what happened next.
It was all just one big blur.
I only know I started it.
In my loins that familiar stir.

He held me as he cried and cried.
I held him as I came and came.
He roared his passionate frustration.
I screamed and yelled his name.

I know that what I've done is wrong
How could I a best friend be?
But your husband is the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Exo 20:14

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved
You scream heal Darfur, heal Africa
But what about the homeland?
What about us?