Sunday, October 23, 2011

A firefly

A firefly (another love poem) 10-22-11

A firefly, she goes and goes
In the summer nights
I'm just like her, I shoot and shoot
A star you see racin across the solar system
Make a wish and I'll float down into
Your arms
Just a gold sun-ray firefly, I land my flight upon your side and bright you all up
Darlin with a touch of your hand is where I
Rest my heart is
Please don't let me go, I am fallin in love
Would you catch me, and for us to stand in love?
I wanna be your firefly just like the way you're my gorgeous comet
That blasted down to earth
Nobody know you're an angel til I tell the world so
Nobody knows you're like my lucky penny
But me
A firefly, my pleasure is all yours
Don't you forget that
Cos my love will make you shine
If you ever give me a chance in this time around
Wings on my back, I'd soar around you
I'd come to you for every mile that has never been driven on
Trust me, I'll be your firefly shimmerin the gold on your way
I'll be your chosen one if you ever gaze at me
For so long
For your heart skips, I'd flutter everywhere you are
With stolen kisses from your perfect round mouth
Oh I believe in fate that I do belong to you
Even if we haven't met each other,
Before our lifetime beginnings
I'm your chosen firefly, the one who lives inside your soul----
© Kai C.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eff what they say...I'm Miz!

So i have been thinking, comtemplating about all of the reality shows and the drama that we allow to encompass our lives, sometimes on the daily. I admit, i watch them, Basketball Wives, Football Wives, Bad Girls Club, etc...and even though at times they cause me to reek and choke, most times i laugh and cuss. Yes, believe or not Miz cusses the TV for ignorance. I watch them all...from the beginning to the end, from their secession "Real World", "Survivor", "Big Brother", to the likes of the above. I admit, "I am I am a Reality Show Junkie". So be it, but i am also a thinker, a lover, a mother, a daughter, an aunt...and so much more. So here's my take.

BasketBall Wives - should be called "Jumpoffs, Ex-BabyMama's and such", bc not most of these women are wives, are ex's or will never be more than a babymama.

Football Wives - didn't live long enough to make an impact, so Ce La Vie!

Real Housewives of Atlanta - 90% of y'all wasn't housewives in the first place, so why, just why are you on my tv, (sidenote - love the drama though, in bits and pieces).

I would really like to present to you new shows, VH1 and Bravo. Just go with the grit...hear me?

"Jumpoffs, Babymama's and such"

"Ex-wives - the real business"

"The Dirty, Dirty" - a tell all type of show.

"The Real Merger" - meeting those who have it, with those who don't. Is it really about money or looks, let's see.

Me, myself, don't think i would appear in any of these or the forementioned above episodes. I would have to get a "grip" for fighting and the like, and i just don't see myself lowering my standards to be "somewhat famous" for being a bitch or the like. I hate alot of the terminology, "females", "hoes", "bitches". In fact, i don't like any negative terminology regarding women. WE are so much more than that. We don't represent, identify, or acknowlege those terms as a "terms of endearment", not at all.

So say, what you want, feel how you feel...but i say, "Eff what they say, I'm MIZ"! And you are YOU!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sad Don't Last Alwayz...

Sadly,  Sistah L.A. Banks lost her fight with cancer as did Brother Nick Ashford. Prayers go out to all those who have suffered loss as a result of the crazy weather we've been experienced lately. Just remember: Sadness don't last Alwayz ... Praying that LIFE is STILL GOOD to ya!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

PLEASE Pray 4 Amazing Author & Beautiful Spirit: L.A. Banks

PLEASE pray for Sister Leslie Esdaile Banks! If you don't know - she is the FANTASTIC author of a "gazillion" books - most recently famous for her paranormal series: L.A. Banks. In addition, to all that, she is one of the warmest people I've ever met. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with cancer; if you're on Facebook Click Here to read more.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month Everyone!

Hope all is well your way and God is blessing you! Will be posting soon!

Take care!

~Chari (Formally mysTery)