Thursday, November 8, 2007

He said

He said…

I love you
I say I love you too!
My first love
My Boo!
He breaks my heart in two.

He said…

I do.
I say forever.
He said forever ever
Then he chooses another lover.

He said…

You’re cute
You’re sweet
You make my heart skip a beat
I want to make love to you
Make you my wife
Make you my lover for the rest of my life
Have you as a friend
Someone whom I can depend
My one and only…till the end

He screwed me.
Played me.
Hurt me.
Slayed me.
Toyed with me.
Tried to destroy me…

He said…

I was meant for you…
Feeding my fantasy…thru and thru
Wanted to love me unconditionally
I fought with all my heart
To remain stagnant and apart
But then I let him in
To places where no one has ever been
I gave
Plans were made
While emotions ran high…
Then… he said…goodbye

He says a lot of ish! But the funny thing is….I’m still listening.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I wanted to be loved

So I walked with a sway in my step

Talked with a roll in my neck and a wag to my finger

He nodded

and the back of his head said

"Be who you are Sis, even if she ain’t me Sis".

I wanted to be loved

So I articulated with staccato beats

Enunciated within an inch of my death

He nodded

and his eyes moved swiftly past me

"Be who you are Miss, but my interests you miss, Miss".

I wanted to be loved

So I dressed myself to the tens

I strutted like a runway panther

He nodded

and his hands reached beyond me

"I Check your look love, but look elsewhere for love, Love".

I wanted to be loved

So I dressed for a righteous search

I spoke warmly and with passion

I walked with a confidence I didn’t know was mine

He nodded

and sent his palms to my hips and his lips to my lips

"I thirst like you thirst and you are my last first".

I am loved, Love.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


They call you American Gangster
The Kingpin of Kings
Living big and riding high
Living off of the drugged zombies and corpses you have created
Teaching the community to worship greed
Crooked cops and citizens alike...
Tell me, please tell me
Where is your soul?

On Behalf of the Pretty Sistahs

Pretty Real

Don't be skurred.
Don't make excuses.
Forget what you were taught about pretty women.
We. Are. Human.
Gigolos ain't the only ones who "get lonely too".
What? You say Pretty Women have it too easy?
Have you asked one how her day was and then really waited for the answer?
Did she snap at you? Are you sure?
Did she hear you correctly? Did you hear her correctly?
Did you approach her with animosity? Curiousity?
Did you drop the "lines" and simply ask her - "Hey Sis, How you doin' today?"
Hmm, she still snapped? Well, then maybe she had a bad day.
Maybe she's just tired of being held to standards that are unreasonable.
Maybe she just wants to be a sistah who is:
Admired for who She Is
Without being touched without her permission or judged.
Or told that "She thinks she's cute." or "She ain't all that anyway."
She just wants to be loved by her man, a Strong Black man who accepts her as she is.
She just wants a Strong Black man who accepts her and won't toss her aside if she dares reveal less than perfect attributes.

Or...maybe that's just me.

C.A. Paige©April 2007


his words:
want, wish, wonder,
make me remember
a familiar road:
landmarks and
guaranteed rest stops

I travel
with my eyes closed
each curve
each turn
moves me toward
an exit that I've already taken

Monday, November 5, 2007

Invitation acceptances

We appreciate each of you who submitted such creative pieces at such short notice. We continue to be amazed and surprised by the "delights" that we have discovered through this blogging project.

Below are the bloggers and the titles of their pieces which fit into the theme of Love and Redemption to be included in our upcoming publication as indicated in the original invitation:

Mr. Ash - a piece entitled AmaSong.
Mr. Jones - a piece entitled Pray Black.
Ms. McCrary - a piece entitled Love.
Ms.Tery - an untitled piece.
Mr. Smith - a piece entitled Worlds Apart.

*click image for its source.