Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hello my familiar Fiend.
It's been awhile since you last darkened my existence.
When you last left me,
I thought it was

I suspect you've been lurking in the background,

waiting for an opportunity to be resurrected,
to come crashing back into my life,
to suck my soul in great thirsty gulps.

I remember when we first met. You explained the darker realities of love during my youthful adolescence. You took it easy on me then, or maybe I was just naive about what you really represented. Maybe I hadn't experienced enough to realize who and what you were.

"Handle a rose carefully or you might..."

I know now.

And so you've punctuated my life, following every great love like the destruction left in an earthquake's wake,
a plague of biblical proportions raging inside of me
laying waste to me
weeping and gnashing of my internal teeth.

Don't worry. The painful path is familiar:
You greet me every morning, ghoulishly asking,
"So...what are we doing today?"

It doesn't matter, because whatever it is, your mere presence messes it up . You deftly remove the concentration on my lifestyle sustaining activities, popping in and out of my mind during meetings, phone calls and emails, spreading despair like fertilizer. Many times, wrestling with you immobilizes me and I just sit there as curious co-workers pass my toilers' domicile with inquisitive looks.

You cover my existence like a wet flannel blanket in summer's heat.

I foolishly long for residential refuge as I leave my business day,as if I could get away,but you are sure to fasten your seat belt on the passenger side of my ride
and adjust the radio to something that you want to dance to
…as you accompany me there.

If the
is absorbing enough,
I can escape you,but all too briefly.

Sleep...wonderful knownothingfeelnothing sleep is my only real escape. Even when I
lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord my soul to keep,
you sit on my shoulder as I toss and turn
and innocently ask,
"What's wrong sweetie?"

Soon, you fade into the blackness.

While you're away,
I fly, I mean really soar,
I visit amusement parks, eat cotton candy,
I return to my childhood, riding my bike
or I experience sweet, blissful, nothingness.

But long before I'm ready, you rouse me from your customary perch and let the world come crashing back in.

"It's 3:30 AM Sweetie. So...what are we going to do today?"

Good morning Heartache.

Psalms 34:18, 147:3

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am calm azul,

sometimes-murky indigo.

And beneath my glossy surface
I teem with life-
logical, practical, monstrous, necessary.

At times I am rapturous and
I leap in a hot, wet spout to touch Lady Luna,
or to embrace our dear Sir, Ra.

In the throws of my raging, jealousy
I release my anger and quilt the shores with my vicious men-of-war
in a transparent and amorphous torrent of truth.

Strip for him...

I have to share this work of a Brother I have yet to meet. This is long but worth it.

Strip for me - by Lamar Hill

She said she wanted to have sex with strings attached
but only to her arms and wrist
Said she had had her heart broken too many times to ever walk down that road again
she said she only wanted to partake in the physical
said she wanted me to fill her chest with my treasure
then after words pretend as if I had never even met her
but there was something about the way her insides taste
after they had marinated over night
that made me wonder what it would take to have this woman wake up next to me for the rest of my life
to abandon my feelings of abandonment
to make every woman who came before her a blur
see the fact of the matter is I want to reinvent the wheel with her
I want to find different reasons to fall in love every single minute
that's why I contemplate different positions to keep her interested every time i'm in it
that's why I treat her sweat like holy water
trying to absorb every drop into my skin
so when I'm going through the hardships of my day I can always revert back to her skin
so I told her to Strip for me
told her to take off that thing that makes it impossible for her to commit
and commit to getting rid of it
told her to take off the stigma of failed relationships in the past
told her to slide out of her ex man
told her to take off all the baggage, and just lie in front of me naked
told her sex was cool
but making love is sacred
forget how you stayed up until all hours of the night
wondering if he was even gone bother to come home tonight
forget the bump and bruises
the lies and excuses
the mediocre sex that he didn't even bother to shower for
cause in my eyes you a virgin
pure as the darkest night
and sure you might have given your body away a few times
but you never bothered to open your mind
so in the same way the moon has power over the sea
you have power over me
and I won't be satisfied until you come nine times
why nine?
cause nine is the number of completion
it serves notice to the creator that we have found peace within
but first I need you to strip for me
Take off all the memories of every ill fated one night stand
every failed second chance
all the nights wanting romance
take off all the misery
thinking you had to endure his bullshit
cause ya'll had history
I want you to unbutton the suffering
slide out of the doubt
cause it's all about you
every time I walk in the room I'm consumed by the power that exudes from your womb
and he was a fool not to pay homage to a goddess
your body is timeless
I want you to strip for me
soul bare
mind open
believe you deserve love just like the rest
believe your body can be used for more then sex
I want you to strip for me
then I want us to start new
I want you to strip for me
cause I've already stripped for you.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was open to you...
there were no guards standing at my door
no protection for the heart
so wrecklessly i fail
succumbed to your words
your vision
became mine
you penetrated the core of me
and i let you dwell within endlessly
I was not afraid of your presence in my mind or in my heart
I welcomed you...took pleasure in you, in me
I wanted you to stay
as long as you wanted and yet still that was not enough for me
Now you've gone and emptiness and hope resides in your place
an empty space
not enough to fill me and yet just enough to sustain...the pain
everyone's talking about protection
protection is smart
Wish there was a condom big enough for my heart

Fly Away...In haiku

Inspired by Xavier's piece. I think it's quite obvious! lol. Anyway, something for the cause:

Fly away my love
No more will his touch harm you
It is but a dream...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fly Away

I had a strange dream once. I didn't understand it until I remembered something I heard a long time ago: "Dreams of flight are dreams of freedom." I really need this dream. I need to believe this dream isn't just for me, but for others like me. I believe this dream is not mine to keep, but ours to share. So in that spirit I want to share a poem I wrote for a victim of sexual abuse.

Fly Away

I had a dream this morning
I dreamt that I could fly
So when I heard the voice coming
I left my room and flew
Quickly down the hall
And out the window I floated

I had a dream this morning
I dreamt that I was invisible
So when the guards looked up
All they saw was clouds
Smiling down upon them and
Dancing in the breeze

I had a dream this morning
I dreamt that I could go through walls
So I went back inside to look for you
Just hold my hand and fly away with me
Through these bars
And high above the walls

I had a dream this morning
I promise I won’t leave without you
I dreamt that you and I were free

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Text and Photo: Copyright © 2008 Xavier Pierre Jr. All rights reserved.

Sunday, April 20, 2008





she goes on

i see

her wings clapped


'round and


and hmmmm,

 oh mine

i see

that sweet flutterby

 she goes on

 twirling up high

 too lost in my own blue skies


©2008  Kai C.