Friday, February 29, 2008

Long time no blog. This was written in my current pensive mood...

Day after day
Moment by moment
Minute by minute
Been fussing and fighting with me
Fighting to breathe without restriction
To maintain my sanity
I give to you from my soul
And yet it’s not enough
Yet, I am selfish...
Well forgive me for thinking of me

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Innocence is not wasted on the old
It is a treasure, coveted and loved
It is the sound of birds chirping at your window
A baby’s giggle
A child’s laughter
Nothing is ever forgotten
Everything remembered
And cherished memories are never waste
It’s precisely placed words
The sound of your breath
The pulse in when you speak
It’s all love
All about love
The space
The silence
The metaphors
The absence of you
Makes it all worthwhile
Makes life
Makes love
U are here
I am here
We’re still here
And I love you! Still!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Days Left to Rock The Vote!

The Poll is UP! Please VOTE!

Seven Brave and Talented WordSmiths have
Stepped UP to this virtual mic to let their
poetic voices take control!

What is this about? The BD2Write First Annual Readers' Choice Award.
Why have they submitted pieces? For Fun, The Title: BD2Write's First Award Winner and a FULL week where ONE and ONLY ONE Writer will post and showcase their talents (poems, short stories, etc.)!
When can we Vote? Readers can vote Feb 15th-29th.
How will we know who won? The poll will indicate the votes. The poet with most votes wins! The Winner will be announced & begin to post on March 1st!
Was there a theme? Yes: HisTory/HerStory/YourStory...The Poetic Voice

**Again, We appreciate your participation: Poets & Voting Readers**


I hunger for her,
missing the water from the dry well,
sandblasted soul that is me,
created by she,
when she
left me.

The thirst is intense,
the pangs raging.
Only gone for a moment,
but each amplifies the intensity
of the need.

Where are you and why are you so far away from me,
neglecting me,
abandoning me,
devastating me,
leaving feening in me...
my lovely?

Her beauty, seldom seen,
skips my beating heart when my mind
rotates to her.

Thinking of us together,
staring in eyes,
planning lives,
going on drives,
floating in skies…

I know I’ll see you soon,
when we are reunited
for a moment in time
as you pass me by

on the corner of Ohio…

and Michigan

1 Cor 13:7

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Butterfly

he loves her

like a butterfly

only like a sweet elegant butterfly

the way she grooves

the way she flows

dancing around him

he knows he’s like a flower

waiting for his beautiful beauty

to arrive

and sit on his delicate petals

there she comes

flying with her wings of sweet kisses

in the air

cos she loves him

just like a pretty flower

the way he open his arms to her

the way he kissed her

as he adore her so


© Kai C.

(Never) Enough

(Never) Enough

What did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could one ever have enough?
When one has tasted all but angry lips.

How do you think there will ever be peace?
When memories of your rough rhythm never cease.

What do you think will become of this dance?
When one’s whole life rests on an off chance.

What will happen when all is revealed?
When friend and foe sink rabid teeth into this meal.

How would you taste under the burning light of day?
When the moon bewitches lovers in a maddening ray.

How would it feel to freely feast on insanity?
When none involved care for base vanity.

What oh what did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could think there would ever be enough?
When one has learned the violent roll of your hips.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Beginnings - Bloggers' Delight Launch!

Thank you to everyone who joined in on the initial Bloggers' Delight Book signing & launch party in St. Louis this past Saturday. It was a wonderful gathering with the added bonus of a large turn out of bloggers. A true Bloggers' Delight!
We appreciate the various perspectives that are being posted throughout the blog-o-sphere by participants. Please venture to the above blogs for images. Thank you!