Saturday, January 3, 2009

Each One, Teach One!

by Christoph J.

I get inspired!/ To lift HIS name higher and higher/ I admire those who get excited for Christ/It's nice to see young people get enticed by the truth/The youth of today tend to jump off the roof/ Or the bridge/ Cuz they see their friends do it/ Seems like there's nothin' to it/ Got friends named NIKE/ JUST DO IT!/ ...Who's it?/ You're it!/ Tag the next youngsta/ Who stands amongst the...crowd/ Have 'em vow to stand for/ More than just what's average/ Tell that young boy that he's "That One"/ Not a Maverick/ Teach him the way/ Don't preach him away!/ Live a life worth following/ Hallowing thy name in the process/ Encourage progress/ Not sex before marriage/ But if the baby carriage comes before the broom has been jumped over/ Tell that boy to be a man and stand/ Not to stand slumped over, Sad/ Mad cuz his Dad wasn't there to teach him/ We have to reach him/ Before the world does/ Because if we don't/ His child won't have a chance.

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your fingers on my skin

your fingers on my skin

your fingers on my skin
i felt that
i felt that you're mine
and why?
my heart beats
i blush
asking, thanking
the Lord above
i found you..
i found you
deep down
inside a lonely place
you needed someone
you needed a piece of heaven
you took my hand
just one simple touch
that's all it takes
i fell in love
©2008 Kai C.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Destiny

Feel it marinating
growing impatiently inside of me
just....can't....seem to let it go
afraid if its intensity
the beauty it could bring
would bring

should bring
others see it
under my skin I feel it
just below the translucent surface
feverisly brewing an ever present destined reality...

Monday, December 29, 2008

new year's love poem

new year's

and i am falling in love

new year's

and i am missing you

how come, it's only you

you started off taking my breath,

stealing my heart away

this 2009, i wanna be with you

thats my new year's resolution

is to be with my only you

cos i am falling

and falling

but i am scared of a broken heart

i am scared of losing you

my only you

cos i think i have found something real

something beautiful

and i don't wanna lose what we have now

this year 2009

i hope i keep you longer as i could

cos you're so sweet and wonderful

i am very lucky to have you as

my only you..........


©2008 Kai C.