Saturday, August 23, 2008

Savory as if cinnamon on butter

Toes in sandals, or heels with paint

Orange, red, blue, brown

Taste like citrus and cane sugar on my tongue

As the crease of your wrist

As the crease inside your arm

As finger barely stroke the flesh to frisson

The aroma of your hair in my nostrils

flesh, on ears

Gently plucked with a voice sodden with wishes

Wasted in erections to come

Sedulous as nutmeg sprinkled

On blueberry cheese cakes

Licked off in slow motion

So let me taste your soul

With the glow of my lips

Let me chew your spirit with my penchant

Let me fill my lungs with your aesthetic

She is delicious



Friday, August 22, 2008

Show Me

This is a piece I am working on thought I would share....enjoy. :)

I Love you
Lord knows I do
You mean the world to me
Yet you could mean more
It's true that you can conquer and save the world
Fly the highest skies
And swim the deepest seas
But I'm begging you please
Please shed these superficial barriers
Defined by this material world that you see
Dig deep inside and show me what it is you have been conditioned to hide
My love is without condition as cannot be denied
Peel away the years of heartache and misery
And show me your past present and future
Your spirit, your destiny
Baby I am begging you
I know the things you can do
I know the things that you say
But I need to know what you feel
What is inside of you
I need to know the real you
So enough with the hiding and playing games
It's time to grow up and face yourself
Face the fear and show what is inside
Show me who you really are
I feel like an outsider trying to look in
And I just need you to show me,
Show me that you are human


In his eyes,

I am brave.


In his arms

I know strength.

In his eyes,

I am smart.


In his arms,

I know everything I need to know.

In his eyes,

There are no flaws.


In his arms,

Everything is perfect.

In his eyes,

I hung the moon.


In his arms,

He has given me the moon and more.

In his eyes,

I am beautiful.


In his arms,

I feel so much love.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael jackson

there's a video that i added to my slide.

i truly dedicated this tribute to Mr. King of Pop

thank you for making me enjoy your music and see you as a person

through music.!


Michael Jackson

i was in love with Michael Jackson

so in love

that some day

i would marry him

and people thought

i was crazy

and silly


people thought

he’s weird

and do weird things to himself


i didn’t care about their judgments

he was a legend

the King of Pop

all over the world

until this day

Michael have an impact

in my life through

my childhood

i used to play

his music

over and over

watch him on tv

over and over

his posters were on

my walls

i mean,

my brother used to

imitate his dance moves

and saying, “hoooooooo”

or “hehe”

always cracked me up

have you notice the tape

on Michael’s finger

or sparkling glove on his hand?

the way he moonwalk

the way he sings

and remember when he was a little boy,

he was in the Jackson 5

and every girl wants to date him

and i wasn’t even born yet

i don’t remember

who’s introduce me to him

not in person

i don’t remember

when i first saw him

but i was in love

with him


he was my first crush

out of the other men

and i know

he did some bad things

in the past

but people shouldn’t judge


or shouldn’t accuse him

cos he’s famous

and rich

and think he made his skin pale white

and he wore make up

and have a sensitive voice

doesn’t anyone talk about his music anymore?

and talked about how he sings to the world?

Michael Jackson

has a really beautiful warm heart

just like his mother

don’t you know he visited the nations

talking to children

who has issues and diseases?

and don’t you know

he went to the White House
and president Regan gave him award about teenagers’ drinking and driving

and also music..

i totally forgot

he was the greatest entertainer of all time

since the day he was born


when Martin Luther King Jr.

was trying to make a change

and now

i am watching Michael Jackson

on youtube

bringing me so

much memories

i feel my heart whole


i was so much in love

that people never understand why

why i love this guy…

well he’s incredible

he made me love pop

made me love rock ‘n’ roll

made me love r&b

made me love soul


poetry has come into my life

why didn’t i left my icon,

Michael Jackson?

i ran into the boyband called

backstreet boys

and fell in love with them

and i’m sorry

that i cheated Michael Jackson

but he went old on me

and i started to believe

what people say


now here are my memories

in my hands

looking through the childhood

of my love for Michael

when i watched Michael

on youtube

i forgot he’s sexy



and wonderful

i felt tears

coming out

my eyes


they didn’t pour


i held it in

all in my chest

and the old kai who loves Michael Jackson

is coming out


and again

cos he made me

in a way

he sings my favorite songs

his moonwalk made me glow

i was one of the biggest thousands fan

in his history

yet he doesn’t know that


i haven’t met the guy

and he haven’t met me

until someday

if we do ever meet,

Michael would moonwalk and sing

and i’d write poetry and make butterflies

together we would be lifetime friends

not lovers

we would be the most talented people

that ever live

so God bless him

and his family

and his friends

and his trillions, trillions of fans

all over the globe


© 2008 Kai C.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Prayer from So-Cal

L.A. Doxology
by Christopher Chambers, 2008
Forgive me for all my pettiness and perversions,
For there is someone more petty and perverted than I
And I pay her alimony and child support each month.
Show me the grace to go to a bookstore
Walk past my ghostwritten memoir and those written
by the child stars and black video vixens about me,
And guide me to the dictionary so I may look up the words
"Empathy" and "justice."
Grant me the courage to admit that I only like Hip Hop because of invitations
to Diddy's parties,
And to understand that Diddy's really a clown of our creation anyway,
And I hate African Americans, and it's a myth that Mexicans are selfless hard workers.
Look at my maid and garder's kids and you'll kow why.
This I ask in Jesus' name,
Though I'm a Jew from the Valley
But have to pitch this redneck Christian Baptist reality show
to Country Music Television based on "The Surreal Life"
In an hour and there's no way I can make it on the I-10 in time
Unless you give my gas-guzzler wings.

PS The Darker Mask is out in stores and online now!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I woke this morning

I woke this morning
Again, my pillow was wet
It was still very cold
So it couldn’t be sweat
I’ve been crying in my sleep
Since I won that bet…
We couldn’t last two weeks
After the first day we met!
Painfully but I must admit
Am not near so over you yet