Thursday, October 16, 2008



run, run, run
with you

my heart races

before you come

i feel you coming

and i will run

into your arms

holding you longer

as i can

keep you forever as i plan on

i will run, run

spreads my arms wide

and fly into your heart

css i belong to you.......

©2008 Kai C.

CAPCity: Reading Up on a Roof in Harlem

This was one high-energy evening! Thanx again for all the luv, support & encouragement on Saturday, Oct. 11th!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny Thing About Love

Inspired by : Every Little Bit Hurts - Alicia Keys and my best buddy Fawn.

Funny thing about love,
it makes your heart sing,
and your lips smile,
makes your body tingle all over.

Funny thing about love,
makes you cry alone at night,
makes your heart bleed,
makes your body hurt all over.

Funny thing about love,
makes you want ,
want till you don't think straight,
or see clearly what is.

Funny thing about love,
how you deny all the bad,
and only see the good.

Funny thing about love,
how it starts,
grows till its bigger than you.

Funny thing about love,
how we all want it,
long for it, & when we have it we take it for granted.

Funny thing about love,
how one uses it to manipulate another,
knowing the other is hopelessly in love
and will submit themselves to anything.

Funny thing about love,
how it starts so genuine,
with both hearts, then one is stronger than the other,
trying to make up for both.

Funny thing about love,
as bad as it gets,
how we still seek it out,but with caution.

Our wounded hearts,
how we take a beating over a lifetime.
how we recover,well ,most of us.
how we build invisible armor around our hearts and souls..
how we desire to be one with another,
only to be heart broken again in the end .

It isn't only the long lasted loves in our lives that matter.
It is those loving moments that we hold dearly,
hold closely..
That keep us warm at night,
when we are all alone.
That makes us get up every morning and face the trials of the next day,
with hopes for better tomorrows.

Some of us find this out not till late in life,
but some of us find this out earlier..

those moments in your life,
give what you can give,
love who you can love,
live for those wonderful moments,
they will carry you for all your days...

Monday, October 13, 2008

This clip from the BD Celebration needs no editing...

Besides, I'm too excited & exhausted to edit this piece. Special thanx to R.J. Leippert for taking the role as videographer so seriously that very little editing needs to be done! Sistah Miz, U pulled this one out the hidden treasury and I am so proud to call U a partner! Hugz to ya all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanx Eb & Dejanae for these images...

Until I download from my cameras here's what Eb the Celeb & Dejanae (above;-) posted! Thanx 2 my Li'l Sistahs of Blogland! SMOOCHEZ;-)!

A special shout out & Hug to my Brother from another mother: RL, for taking his job as videographer (using the Flips) so seriously! Can't wait to look over all that footage!!

Racist Poetry?

Just want to get your impression...

Thanx 4 the Blogger Luv in da NYC!

It was so wonderful to read under the stars, over-looking the Hudson river as the Autumn breezes caressed us! Thanks for coming out to support our first collection of short stories. Bloggers came through and showed much luv:

Sheletha, Lance - the infamous Non-Blogger, Organized Noise, Eb the Celeb, Ali of Ali'sZay, Bougie Negro, Dejanae, BrooklynGirl, ShellyShell.

A special thanks to Troy Johnson, President of AALBC for coming out!

A extra big, ol' country hug to my gurl, Miz for treating us listeners to her beautiful voice in song! She had us all spellbound!

We couldn't have asked for a better NYC celebration:-)

Photos & videos will follow very soon!!