Monday, September 7, 2009

Reflections ... on Loss & Luv...

This year, 2009 has been filled with a great DEAL of loss: quite a few celebrities & public figures, some family members & blog/internet family. I tend to lead a solitary existence - sometimes I choose this isolation because I think it'll make it easier because I won't experience the pain of losing loved ones if I don't "have" loved ones. I'm discovering that even choosing to live life behind the electronic curtain does not protect the heart. When Nikki passed & I discovered I was actually disturbed by it I became frightened at the prospect of losing Blog/Internet "family" who I have actually developed a real life relationship with and truly grown close to.

At the same time, being the conundrum that I am, I love people and am quite a social being. I've finally re-opened my heart to Love on a variety of levels: self-love, friendships, romance, even reaffirming family connections. I'm learning that it's the LOSS of Love that hurts - not the actual LOVING of others. Life without Love - as the "cliche" goes: really is not worth living.

Reflections are a funny thing... I had no idea this post would lead me to the renewal of Love. But, I guess there is No Loss if there is No Love. Hmm, that's deep. I need to go reflect on that a bit more. Peace, Blessings & MUCH Luv 2 U!