Saturday, September 19, 2009


So he says he wants to make love to my mind….
Take his time, feeding me images and words
Like fauna and flora, mental bursts of pleasure
I've come to treasure
Birthing new rhymes, a beat I can tap my feet to
Creating lullabies, I want to fall asleep to

Make love to my mind…Seep into my psyche, enticing me
He doesn't hesitate, never procrastinates, only regulates
His flow, smooth, like silk, sweet tender etchings
At my door, and I ain't gonna lie, I want more

I tremble and shake, trying not to wake, trying not to quake
Too soon,
But I can't hold, can't stop, won't stop
The orgasms of thought, birthing mad verse
Food for the universe…and me

His words
His words
Free me

He says he wants to make love to my mind….
And I'm thinking, yeah…one mo time!