Thursday, November 20, 2008

Supah Saxy....

He stepped into the darkened, crowded space and lit it up with his energy.
He uncased his sax, smiled then blew his soul all over us at the restaurant's bar.
He re-cased his sax, smiled then blew his heart and sweet ear-gasms all over me ... and only me.

Night & Day he makes love to me by warming up with his sax.
I watch with eager anticipation as he undresses her, slides his nimble fingers over her buttons causing her to sing his blues, jazz and funk.

After gently tucking her away I slip into her place -- in his embrace.
We relish in sweet mind-sex (and I don't mind sex;-).
We undress each other then his strong fingers press my buttons -- causing me to sang his blues, jazz, funk and my joy!

His musical notes spill all over my paiges.
We shout praises to the heavens 'cause our prayers have been answered.
We are so ready for this arranged marriage of our love & creativity
... that has been arranged by The Creator...

C.A.Paige © 2008

To my trained poets: These are simply poetic thoughts of mine which I needed to express. I have no idea what poetic form it fits...
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

another, another poem for Michael

another, another poem for Michael


            you are a star, my bright one

            how i see it in your soul

            when you glow

            onstage, moon walking your way out of a fairytale

            and bring such magic

            in me


            they called you, The Glove One

            they called you,  The King Of Pop


            yet i called you mike, yourself

            a simple child like human being 

            dancing with my tears, my joy

            it’s your voice i hear

            your hands i long to shake

            or even hold for a brief second

            if i ever give you a hug, or say thank you

            for everything that you’ve done

then it might be a beautiful moment, the best time of my life


cos of you, my bright one

you’re always be glowing one of the stars 

 across the heaven sky

across the milky way and oceans

and i have always believe in you

since you’re a bright star,

i believe in you like

you believe in Peter Pan


within my heart,

i know your innocence

your faith in God

your love for children

could forever spread around the globe


            i called you, my bright star

            with wings attached on your back to

            flash around the other stars

            moon-walking on a cloud in your fancy shoes

            the hat you wear overshadows your face                      

            your dark glasses hide your pretty eyes

            i knew you’re still a human

            a lovely black human being

            with a huge heart stretch out like rainbows


            oh Michael,

            this is why i called you, my friend

my bright star,  my Peter Pan

cos you made me cry, made me smile

and i pray, hoping in each day

for you to stay happy



© 2008 Kai C.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Silly of me to think that you would ever really love me too...

Friday night and i'm needing somebody

Not just any body

just your body


To think that you would even remember me...

Me, that cocoa brown, chocolate tan

that same woman that had you squeezing hands...together, cuz you just couldn't resist

those feelings, those emotions i emitted, like gas, intoxicating aerosol

that had you drifting my way...

But still silly...

cuz you ran, you hiked, you jumped ship...not used to this

all of this

Silly of me to think...

a man would truly dive in...when the water was warm...instead you seek the cool waters...well here they come...

Silly of you

to dismiss me

walk away from me

not want me

ignore me