Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank You, Dear Ms. Femigog! Winner: FIRST Annual BD2W Readers' Choice Award

Dear Ms. Femigog,

We at BD2W chose not comment on each of your posts this first week of March. We are proud that the Readers chose you as the First Winner of the Readers' Choice Award. Therefore, we felt it appropriate to allow your fans to interact with you without our input. Now, we can go on the record as stating that you were quite an intelligent choice. Your range of topics and styles entertained, enlightened and pushed our intellect beyond comfort zones.

Thank you again for participating. Your gracious end to your reign by collaborating with Mr. Sojourner G was truly a class act.


The Executive Team of Bloggers' Delight ... 2 Write.

A Duet With the Sojourner to End My Week

Hello everyone! I just want to say how much fun it has been posting my poetry on this site and having so much wonderful feedback. I really appreciate this platform as a showcase of so many great poets and writers! I want to end my week of posting with a joint collaboration including myself, the Femigog and the very talented Sojourner G! I hope you all enjoy because we really enjoyed writing it together....He is in Red and I am in White....


He sees in me a great and terrible tragedy.
My calves pull him closer to the beautiful mystery of it all.
He sees up close the battlefield, the limbs and pieces of false Gods and would-be demons.
The sight made him ravenous as he took heavy bites from the fruit beneath my breast."

Conscience ringing the klaxon call,
Even as I savor the honey sweetness of poison death.
Angels rush like antibodies to preserve what is already lost;
Personification of paradox, resisting yet rushing to the vortex.

"My liquid life bursts from between his bright sharp teeth,
flees down his arm and pools at his feet.
Mingling with hard earth to birth souls
We are a beautiful corruption."

Burning my skin to the point of ecstacy
The bitter fertilized seed of this coupling
Portends horror delightful bliss,
Acidic growth smelling of rose

Always and especially throughout the day
I think of his grace above and beneath me.
Wishing always and especially for seamless curtains
of night and waking hours of demanding daydreams.

Exquisite is the fear of losing my soul in her
Comforted by the soft pillow lushness of her reassurances
Mental conflict waged, lost, then won
Initiated into the fraternity of those who truly know love.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Warning four letter word alert (only one though)

Anything But

Love me in the ways of fantasy, the rhymes of dreams.
Let rainbows of ecstasy shower and anoint me.
Wasted life stains the soft cotton (un)-covers.

The scene of a massacre,
Left to lie in ruins, devoured and left hollow.

Don’t I deserve the chase?
Don’t I merit disdain, anger and at last indifference?

Instead of work late lies, I am knees and elbows.
No dinners, no movies (unless I star, of course)

“That’s not us.”
“You not that type ma.”

I let you know me better than me because 7 ½ is better than cool sheets.
“So whassup wit that?” --is better than invisibility.


Better a backache than heartache.


Better to practice technique for Mister right.


If I must wear the bruises I may as well feel the sting.
Damn Right.
Dig deep and make some noise, I wanna feel it out and in.
You are right, that’s not us,

Well, it’s me but not with you.

With you,
fuck it, this’ll do.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Short and (Bitter) Sweet

Forgive the lateness of this post...I promise to offer clarification on the last poem soon.

Short and (Bitter) Sweet
Ruin Me.
Leave a heaving wreck.
180 proof drops of you
make me weak and lusting.

A taste,
a sip,
a gulp,
a swallow
of that elixir
and I am drunk, dizzy, wrong, right and

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Massacre of Saint Valentine

Massacre of Saint Valentine

There is a debt for this offense
Assign those needs (every necessity)
Announce what lacks (so much)
Stone me bloody (negate me)

Sit staring from there
Waiting only to (in case)
Watch up close (too near)
To scrutinize your perfect flaws (every one)

Use, shame, take, hurt
Speak this language (learn anger)
Gorge on this dignity (until full)
I will never empty (never tire)

Hooks, hooks hold fast
Drop into this gentle noose (these arms)
To arms so vicious (cannibal limbs)
Lover’s tongue is no match (sweet venom)

Why not this poison then
Every drop of ink is (life blood)
From these veins and still (you mock)
Pallid, breathless, invisible (this me)

Deflect, run, preserve and stay safe
Flay, slice, gnash and tear (with love)
To pieces and burn to ash (to dust)
Every cry, I loose in your name (your champion)

Your monster


(5,7,5 series “water”)

Liquid licks your form
Your cries echo through each wave
Fluidity peaks

My clouds roar your name
They burst and baptize you
Our death breeds our birth

Formed in love’s wet heat
Cradled in the blood of life
Fruit born of flower.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My name is...

Love, says he when my given name doesn't spring to mind.
Ire, when I am impatiently waiting for the chime in his voice
Sweetness, when the kisses flood my skin and make me dizzy with passion
Adorable, when he sees me from the corner of his eye day dreaming about us.

My Name is
Yemoja, when I emerge from the waters of the Mother cloaked only in this native skin.
Oshun, when I am heavy with the fruit of our love.
Minona, when I am shielding our sisters from the storms of this world and others.
Oya, when I bring the about the tempests of this land with a mere utterance.

My Name is
Please, because I alone hold the key to his heaven.
Yes, because to deny me is to deny himself.
More, because I am too much and never ever enough.
Blessing, because without me he might never know that a supreme being existed.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

THE Winner of the FIRST Annual BD2Write Readers' Choice AWARD: FEMIGOG!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Femigog who mixed it up here and earned the most votes from BD2Write's Readers. It was extremely close between Femigog's: Touch and Sojourner G's: Temptations. After this post - ONLY FEMIGOG's writing will grace this blog for the next 7 days until Saturday, March 8th. Femigog will have the honor of bringing March in for the Delight of our readers.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! You all make BD2Write a great blog-place to be!

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