Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Bit of Prose ... to Break the Monotony...

Not that it ever gets monotonous around here at BD2Write -- I just like that phrase cuz it makes me think of Will Smith's song: Summertime;-). Anyway... I hope u enjoy this teaser excerpt from the novel I'm shopping currently;-):

Reyna Seaton is the main character and narrator. Reyna was introduced to the world in Bloggers' Delight, Vol. 1's "Rey of Hope". Now, enjoy the "show"...

"... Dammit, Mimi! If she hadn't brought up the whole singles' event earlier today I wouldn't be so focused on the fact that I'm at home with a laptop and a cat while she's out possibly meeting her soul-mate because she didn't give up." A small voice in my head chided, "Don't blame Mimi."
Feeling highly agitated, I pulled out my journal:

All the sexperts write that self-pleasuring is normal and healthy. Then why doesn't it feel healthy to me? The sexperts reason that in order to help another pleasure you, first you had to know what brought you such delights. Well, someone should have written that notice to Antoine who touched me in ways and in places that I didn't know had nerve endings. I could have never pointed him to those spots. And what do the sexperts say about being touched from across the room by a simple glance? I sure as hell could not have ever practiced that on myself. Why did self-pleasuring leave me feeling cheated and more alone than ever? The sexperts never discuss the side effects of all that self-indulgence. There was no one to hold me together and snuggle with after the explosion blew me to pieces. No one to even kiss that special curve at the bottom of my spine. I have concluded that self-discovery was fine for kids, but after junior high school it was simply self-torture. I had to chuckle as I continued to write. In junior high school I thought I had discovered some great secret to the gateways of sexuality. Now that I know the real deal: that's just a waste of good energy and juices. If I'm ever blessed with children I'm going to teach them that as soon as they hit puberty: get your play in now, kids because once you discover the touch of another the thrill will never be the same.

* * *
My journal was cool for venting, but I still needed to hear a male voice.
"Hey, Larry."
"Wha's up, Baby?" He must have noted the heavy inflection in my greeting and added, "You a'right?"
"Yeah…and no"
Larry was one of my ex-lovers who I continued to call from time to time. It was an inexplicable relationship, that I knew was rather unhealthy, but I couldn't fully detach, just yet. Most of the time he irritated me, but he was the one person with whom I felt comfortable bitching and moaning when things weren't feeling okay. I got tired of calling girlfriends to complain, and half the time I'd end up having to cheer them up after listening to their problems, anyway. I hated to burden my parents with more problems since I knew they worried about me enough as it was. My attachment to Larry may have been unhealthy, but I didn't feel guilty when I vented to him. I wasn't sure what he thought of this non-relationship, but he seemed to answer the phone more often now, than when we were officially dating each other. I couldn't worry about him right now, I just needed to bitch and hear a male voice.

* * *
I hope u enjoyed that li'l teaser. Click on the image to read more...
The above excerpt was also read during my May 4th BlogTalkRadio show.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love is...

I found God...inside of me...

I was looking for a man, but instead he found me

He whispered my name, i fell in shame and yet he did not shame me

He spoke of my pain

I cried

I blamed

He laid his hands on me

Told me to forgive thee

I tried but i could not muster the will to forgive my ownself

He grabbed me by the hand

We strolled through the land of my thoughts, my dreams, my experiences

And then he said

All of this is for you...

To be you...

To become you...

My child

My flower

I found God...inside of me

And not once did he disappoint me.

My Overdue Gratitude To You...

For those times that I just knew you didn't understand...
I'm so glad you did
For those times that I just knew I was grown and didn't need you to hold my hand...
I'm glad you held it
For all of those times that I broke your heart or hurt your feelings,
I apologize
For those times I didn't appreciate your timeless efforts
I thank you
Because it is because of you and through God that I am who I am today
This beautiful ever growing Christian young woman
Thank you so much for being you
And not anyone else...
I love you mother
Happy Mother's Day
May God bless you with many, many more to come.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my niece copies me

my niece copies me


 my niece copies me

 copies the butterfly that i drew

she want to be like me

 only me

the super artist

she loves my style

the way i write

and i don't mind being her role model

 cos the things i do will

have always inspire




©2008 Kai C.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Burdened by being god's gift
to the gender
Romancing ladies
Doing every willing and able

Keepin' game tight
step ahead of them all
especially fat nagging wifey
and her "Bebe's" kids

Cognitive confusion
about past decisions
Creating new present future
from time past lost

Business trip lies
getting groove back
on my terms
with whomever I please

Figuring it all out
schedules, appointments, meetings
with her, her, her
and especially her

Cagey, smart, invincible
Able to see moves ahead
outsmarting life
keeping them all (guessing?) secure

Playing loose with preservation rules
Violating safeties
craving adrenaline dumps
Rubyk's challenges

fat wifey's sister
sister's best friend
World CupFinals
World Series

Contemplating retirement
The meaning of life worth living
Looking back on it all
Different perspective now

Which is worse
profusely shed tears
the sickening taste of fear
the feel of fat wifey's gun in my mouth?

Prov 16:25

©SojournerG 2008 All rights reserved

Monday, May 5, 2008

Not By Myself!

by Christoph J.

I oughta' be ashamed of myself
How could I go out there and try to change myself
God has ordered my steps and I tried to rearrange myself
I blame myself

Because I knew all along that I could have asked God for help
I was so busy tryin' to make a name for myself
Out there tryin' to play the game of life and messed around and gamed myself
I thought I was finally free, but I chained myself
In the world, wilin' out, now Im tryin' to tame myself
I believed that I was fit, but I crippled, crutched and caned my health
I received so much money, but yet I still restrained my wealth
There is no way I can even begin to explain my myself
I shamed myself

God, I pray that you help me to see that I can reclaim myself
Wash me clean of all sin because I stained myself
I will give you all of the credit Lord and defame myself
I proclaim myself a child of God