Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let Us Clear Our Throats...

Sojourner G sent an email inquiry about what this BD is all about, which we greatly appreciate! His simple message helped us to realize that clarity is needed. BD is comprised of a smattering of friends who enjoy creativity, specifically music and fiction. We also appreciate poetry and expository, exploratory writings. We got tired of searching the blog-net for good reads. So, we would like to bring great reads together in one location for 'one-stop-shopping'. Multiple voices under one blog-roof would tear the house down in total harmony! Cool, write?

What U see is not a test we're rockin' to the beat!
When u send us a note we'll gladly move our feet...
And invite U to our Authors list then U can say Hello!
Much better than this silly rhyme - now, we are out the do':-)

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Dope Fiend said...

:P and how does one join in the Bloggers Delight feast?