Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Untitled Novel Excerpt, EXPLICIT CONTENT!

If this is too explicit please dont hesitate to remove it---


Her husband was in rare form this morning. She looked over at the television and watched as a dark-skinned woman no more than twenty five years old squatted between the legs of a muscular dark skinned man. She watched as the woman guided the velvety head of the man’s stiffness between her lips cooing loudly while slapping the freshly shaved cunt of a pretty Latin woman. The Latin woman pumped her hips as each blow landed as evidence of her excitement escaped her honey colored folds and ran down her slit. Taj was mesmerized by the scene and absently slipped his hand into his boxers to stroke himself all the while offering commentary on the performance.

“Damn baby, come here and check this out. This is one of the good ones. Where did you find this?”

“Online. You can find damn near anything online these days boy. And no thanks, I don’t need to see it and you need to be getting dressed for work right about now.”

“Baby, for real, come here and let your man get at that.” Taj removed his hand from his boxers and sprang up off the bed to grab his wife’s breasts roughly from behind. “Come on now, lemme just smell what’s in the pot, even if you wont let me have a taste of what’s cooking baby.” He was speaking too loud for this time of the morning and about subjects best suited for when the kids were out of the house completely.

“Shush boy, the kids will hear us. And Stop because we don’t have time for this right now.” Monica tried to push past her husband to get back into the bathroom and finish her morning ritual before getting the kids up for school.

“C’mon now baby. You know you want to, smelling all good this morning. Shit you smell real interested from where I’m standing. Please baby, I’ll be quick. I promise.” He grabbed her again and buried his nose in the crook of her neck pulling the sensitive skin between his lips, nipping her with his teeth. His strong calloused hands moved rhythmically under her short robe and over her warm curves before resting on her full bottom possessively. He squeezed her firmly and pulled her flush against muscular chest. She felt him bucking against her belly. He placed firm kisses along her neck and shoulder continuing his rhythmic rocking against her. When he pulled an earlobe into his mouth and sucked gently she was done protesting in body but continued verbally.

“Mmm, boy, for real, we don’t have time. So—“

He blocked her protest with a heart-stopping kiss. His hands began their roving once again. The thick pads of his thumb played roughly over her now swollen nipples. He knew she liked to have her breasts attended to thoroughly with his heavy hands. She liked his roughness over her soft skin and he loved to oblige. He broke the kiss and stared into her brown eyes as his lips just grazed hers in a tease. “Monny, baby, don’t you know how I always want you?” Taj’s hands continued their dance over her body as he took in puffs of air before continuing. “When I am away from you, girl, all I can think about is the next time I am gonna see you baby. You’re a good woman and you got your man all messed up this morning baby so I’m sorry but you are gonna have to deal with this right quick. You understand baby?” He gripped her tighter and she felt him fill completely against her.

Whoa, Monica thought to herself; he had a serious jones on this morning. Although it made her a little anxious she had to admit that she loved it right about now. His attentions continued and she moved into them more eagerly. Her desires got the best of her and she pushed down his boxers and gripped him tightly in her hands. He pushed back against her nearly out of breath and decidedly off rhythm. He growled in his throat and nuzzled her neck, nipping and licking in turn. She knew that this was the point of no return and they didn’t have a lot of time so she made sure that the process would be quick and eventful for them both.

“Okay daddy, give it to me quick and dirty.” She was out of the robe, in the bed, and on her knees and elbows before he could say anything. She reached between her legs and roughly stroked herself, looking over her shoulder at his shocked but highly aroused expression. “Let’s go grown man!” She was surprised to hear her own words come out as an excited whisper. Desperate. She liked what it did to him and she loved letting him know that it was her who couldn’t wait right about now. “You gonna fuck it or stare at it?” She pulled her sticky fingers into her mouth and moaned. Her question was nearly a growl and she watched as her words made his cock bob evenly and heavy before him in response to her question. “Damn this pussy is wet,” she slid a finger in and out of her mouth, “and sweet as hell. You want some of this?” She dipped her fingers back in her flooding valley and bucked back and forth. “You can have it if you promise to hit the bottom.” She licked her juices off her fingers again and watched the beads of sweat form on his forehead. Was it her or did his dick get just a bit thicker and stiffer? She was ready to find out and almost shouted at him.

“Let’s do this shit Taj. Come tear this up baby!”

He dropped to his knees behind her and planted a hand on a firm and full cheek, steadying himself with his free hand on the footboard of the California king bed. He thrust full depth so hard that she made a sound that let him know that she understood who was in control. He gave her a moment to get ready for him. He felt her walls contract and adjust and knew it was time put in some work when she able to speak again.

“Damn your dick is perfect I swear”, she panted. I can feel this shit in my throat daddy, damn!” She had to drop her forehead to the bed just to steady herself which also gave him just a little more of her to fill. When he pressed forward to get it all she gripped the covers and buried her face in the mattress to keep from screaming as she came the first time. He let her work through the last spasm with a smile. She was hot and slick now. Good and ready for some serious tough love. All that shit talking had made him nearly throw her ass on the floor and pound her hot box until she clawed his back called him God. This position was better though. He could and would grip her hips and work her from behind until she dropped to her stomach and then it would really get good. She would be trapped beneath him; taking him full force until he was ready to get up. Yeah, she had a little lesson to learn about making him beg and then acting like he was the one who late to the damn party.

“Oh you want this shit beat up huh? Want this wrecked this morning huh, girl?” That’s what she liked about their rough sex, the way he talked to her made her wetter by the second.

To Be Continued....

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nikki said...


i should not have read this so early in the morning. i'm jacked up for the rest of the day and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Sparkle said...


Femigog said...

@Nikki--I'm sorry and I really did worry that it might be too explicit. LOL!
@ Sparkle---LOL! It wasn't too much right?

nikki said...

it was not too much by my standards, but then i don't have any. LOL
it was on point either way.

Femigog said...

@Nikki-LOL--I'm with you on that! Thanks

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Nice, now whats the title of the book or the short story

Mega Rich said...

I looked at it early this morning, so my feeling was like Nikki's...this early. Other than that I think you did a good job of painting a scene of how it sometimes goes down between couples. I really liked how old girl flipt the script on him. “Let’s go grown man!” that was the line that did it for me. A lot of riders use sex, but I like it when the writer engages responses other than the stiffening of my anatomy. You added some clever and entertaining banter between the two and thats what I liked most.

Mega Rich said...

Fraudian slip -- I meant writers not riders (see, you got me).

Femigog said...

@Torrance--I am terrible with titles! I have to think of one still! Plus the novella isn't even about the two people I wrote about here primarily...LOL. I know, I'm a mess!

@Mega--I forgive and encourage the slips...Thanks a lot! I dont like erotica where the 2 people have no emotional attachment to one another. So every couple I write about has emotional connection--

BloggersDelight said...

We really appreciate the explicit warning, Femigog. Very descriptive piece. The emotional interaction adds to this a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Most anything that has "Explicit Content" strapped to it, I am drawn to, so I gotta check this out.

MysTery said...

Whoooaaaaaaa. Niiiiiice.

Anonymous said... I am back to let ya know that this piece is dangerous! We need more!

Anonymous said...

woooowwww....i'm taking notes....

CapCity said...

i agree w/ m.l. this was dangerous - but as a single sistah going thru a dry spell i don't need more. LOL! Well written though, Sistah Femigog;-)