Friday, October 12, 2007

The Day My Heart Left

The brain was the first to notice, she was gone….and he felt nothing, I mean logically he knew of her absence, and time and time again she had told him why she would leave, but this last time, this last incident was too much to take and she left. He decided, he being the leader of all things, he would explain to the rest of her, for surely they must be in shock.

“Ummhumm, ummhummm” he said gathering his voice…” I’ve got a bit of bad news, or at least I think it’s bad, see I wouldn’t really know without my Heart, my heart is gone, she left sometime this morning…I was fast asleep and all of sudden I felt nothing, nothing at all.

Eyes chimed in eager to see, “yeah me too, I had a bit of a night last night, I mean I was flowing, overflowing, the ducts were way below the fill line, and then, whoosh, nothing, dry as “Feets” heal and then some.

“What you talking about Eyes, why I haven’t been dry since, well I don’t know when, always talking bout somebody, just cuz you can see, well guess what, I can feel, and I feels pretty soft myself. Humm!”

“Now, now everybody, we here to talk about My heart, my heart has gone missing and I’m not feeling…”

“Oh what’s the big deal about feeling anyway, touch is better,” shouted arms. “See, I can wrap my arms around you and touch you, I can tickle you and make you laugh and squeeze you and make you cry, just like I did when My heart was here.”

“No you can’t, because you got to have a reason why, and only My heart knew the reason for laughing, the reason for crying, the reason for feeling, only My heart tells me what to feel.”

Arms folded and shut up.

“Excuse me, excuse me, I’ve got something to say,” Mouth interrupted. “I don’t really see all the fuss about My heart missing. We can certainly function without her, now can’t we? We are a… well run, oiled machine, capable of sustaining ourselves, Brain you tell me when to eat, I eat, you tell me, most times when to talk, I talk, you instruct legs when to walk, feet where to step, hands when to hold, arms when to swing, nose when to smell, eyes where to look, and ass, well, you know what you do…anyway you keep us altogether. We will be fine without My heart. I mean we all know for the longest time it was her that kept us in constant discourse, always falling for this guy or that guy, getting her heart broken, time and time and time again, then running back here working poor eyes to death, have she no shame, and me, well once I didn’t get to eat for days. Ask poor Tummy, how he feels about her, all that backed up gas, which caused Ass to act a fool, and you know how foolish and garish he can be…”

“Quit running at the mouth Mouth,” Ass responded, “Is that all you know how to do? Shut it up!”

“Well, I’ll be!”

“Yeah, we know, you’re a loud mouth, a BIG MOUTH! And I’m getting sick and tired of hearing it,” Ear’s flared. “Now listen up everybody, I hear everything, and I heard what happened to My Heart. She didn’t just leave, she gave up, she sacrificed her chance at love for the rest of us. Yep, that’s right. She knew what she was doing to ya…you Eyes, and you, nose, not to mention you Tummy. She saw and felt the pain she put you guys through and she decided that enough was enough. Tough broad that Heart, never heard a tougher one, real standup GAL. You hear me, she was a real stand up GAL.”

“Well, what we gonna do? Eyes wanted to know…you know, without My Heart?”

Brain, the smartest of them all, thought and thought, and then said, “Nothing, we are going to do everything and nothing, we are gonna rest, and maybe when this thing blows over she will return, until then, we rest.”

The entire body was quiet now, no one made a move, no tears, no laughter, no chatter, the eyes closed, legs curled up under her, arms wrapped around her and mouth yawned, together they lay down and slept and slept and slept, and dreamed about the one day when MY heart returned.

The message – take care of your heart, your heart is not to give to any and everyone…for when your heart leaves, nothing feels the same, nothing is what you feel.


David Sullivan said...

How true!

If only the heart had a brain of its own! :)

CapCity said...

yea, this piece is so true...too true as a matter of fact;-)

Anonymous said...

This is writeous!

Femigog said...

Good one! I have felt that a time or three!

BloggersDelight said...

MizRepresent, your range of styles amazes us. Thank you again for sharing here.

nikki said...

this entry conveys what many of us has had to battle internally. well done!

Don said...

*thinking I've felt this way before*

Good one, Miz