Wednesday, October 10, 2007

that which i worship

Unzipping your pants as I
Slip my hands in and pull out your tool
I'm already drooling as I visualize how
The next few minutes will unfold
I've been told I'm rather bold
When it comes to being oral
Very thorough with my treatment
As I sit here on my knees
Eager to please

You tower over me
With your legs spread widely
All the power over me
Found within your hardened masculinity
I'm hypnotized by it's enlarged head
Dreading the moment all of this ends
Spending time getting reacquainted with it's silky feel
Stealing furtive licks on the third eye
As it spys on me, I can hear your quiet sigh

Standing, I fold my hands upon your chest
I take off your vest and whisper softly
For you to undress yourself of the rest
I can feel you breathing softly on my shoulder
I know it's about time for me to get a little bolder
Pushing you so you fall sprawling across the bed
Settling myself in between your muscled legs
I smile, knowing my appetite's about to be fed
Gonna leave your sanity crippled in my stead

I close my eyes as I slip you in between my soft lips
Flicking my tongue across the swollen veins of ya dick
Tricking you into thinking I won't take it all in
Grinning as I get ready to begin
Engulfing you down to your pubic base, tickling my tonsils
As I glance at your face, it's twisted pose
Showing me your sudden fall from grace
The spaces between your intakes of breath
Have become shorter as you near this sweet death

I'm at once inspired as I cradle your jewels
The silken sacs holding your sexual fuel
I can feel them tremble as the fluid moves through them
I swallow and suck in attempts to soothe them
They feel the vibrations as I beginning humming
I can see the sensation's almost got you cumming
As your hips rise and fall on the sheets with a thump
I sense your rod pulsate, and then it jumps
So I grab it and hold on to it steady
I can tell by it's heat that you're almost ready
As I hear your muffled groans, coupled in with my soft moans
My clit feels neglected, so I reach down to protect it
The cream from within me is gathered on the sheets
A puddle at the juncture where my chocolate thighs meet
Your breathing is ragged, composure is jagged
You twist to escape from my constant tongue tagging
My assault's unrelenting, as I remember your consenting
To this soft killing that's now got you ascending

You're grabbing my hair as you lose your control
My constant dick stroking has taken it's toll
You strangle out, 'faster',and I choose to comply
As I squeeze at the base, and look up on the sly
Your eyes are closed shut, and your face is contorted
It's covered with sweat, but my view is distorted
By the pillow you reached for to cover your mouth
As your ab muscles clench, and you let out a shout
'I'm bout ta cum baby' is your sudden announcement
I squeeze your jewels softly and continue mouth bouncing
Your thighs start to tighten, there's a momentary hush
Then all of a sudden, I feel the cum rush
From the bottom of your balls to the base of your dick
And right through the red, swollen head of your stick
Then the creamy stream hits the back of my throat
But I've done this before, so I know I won't choke
It's coming in waves, and I swallow it all
And during this time I'm still squeezing the balls
To make sure I get each and every last drop
I continue to suck, cuz I don't want to stop
Your body is flinching all over the place
And the pillow continues to cover your face
Your toes are now curled, and your thighs are now trembling
I can hear through the pillow that you've begun mumbling
Your rod has now softened, as I've sucked it dry
It's spent, and you're bent, as you let out a sigh
Cuz it's never been worshipped so thoroughly before
As you take off the pillow and whisper out 'MORE'


David Sullivan said...

More?? Holy Shizzle!

Mizrepresent said...

Dayum Nikki, just Dayum good!

Mega Rich said...

Who wants to read blogs after this. Whew!! Time to put the kids to bed early.

Sheletha said...


Man With Balls said...
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Anonymous said...

Now why you gotta come all up in this piece showin' off? Can't take you NO WHERE!


Andrew The Asshole said...

Wow I thinking going to invision this the next time I take a shower... Matter fact why lie, I'm going to take a shower now. Your words have just violated me and I like it!!!!

Man With Balls said...

I'm gone try and act civilized up in this piece, so I'm retracting my former statement, but umph, that was good.

BloggersDelight said...

Thank you for sharing your work here with us, Nikki. Clearly, you possess word power.

nikki said...

thanks for the comments everybody! i'm really looking forward to being an active part of this community :)

Femigog said...

Whew! Girl!

Anonymous said...

well, well, well....

CapCity said...

ALLRightyyyy THEN! As I told Sis Femigog - don't know how much more of this I can take. LOL! wooo weee! well written, Nikki.

Don said...

Yep, this is the one that had me hooked on Nikki. I still can't believe you wrote this. Or should I say posted it.

No shame in your game.