Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Let me tell you what her problem is
You can't count her

She's in and out of my life
In and out of my head
like an unfaithful lover
with too many gentleman callers

She doesn't care what I'm doing when she shows up;
the activity nor the time
But she demands my full attention
Causing the world to fade into irrelevance

Entranced, I welcome her back
every time
Sometimes angrily
sometimes sulking
sometimes joyously
but every time

"Where have you been?!?"
She never answers...directly
but always says, "Let's just focus on the here and now...
the you and I"

Sometimes she's got love on her mind
So we talk of flowers, birds and butterflies,
devotion and future past lives
Sometimes it's about hidden pain,
sorrows, hurts and traumatic experiences
and we cry together

Then sometimes she shows up in Victoria's Secret
and not much of that
But now days I try to guide her around the fallen angel in me...
I said I try
And then she's gone

So there I sit
with her scent still clinging to my nostrils
her energy still dancing over my body
emotions she dragged out of me
still reverberating in my soul


I absently wonder when she'll be back again
as I gather my breath
She breaths from so close, so far,

"When it's time."

©SojournerG 2007All rights reserved


BloggersDelight said...

Sojourner, you never cease to amaze us.

nikki said...

niiiice :)

Mega Rich said...

Hey, I know her. She's quite the lady...and flirt.

Just when you think she is going to stay for a while, her cell phone rings and she's out the door.

Don said...

These women make me feel vulnerable and cheap. And always thinking about her sweet game.

Lyrically speaking said...

You wrote this? This is very good, I enjoyed it...wow

Anonymous said...

@BD-It seems that your idea is growing. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.

@Niki-To what's coming soon...[wink]

@Rich-The question is does she leave me and come to you or leave you and come to me?

@Don-We agree.

@Lyrical-I'm not sure I understand the question, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

nikki said...

i had absolutely no idea you could write, sojourner. color me surprised.

MysTery said...

Nice piece man.

Anonymous said...

@Nikki-LOLLMBAOROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a FOOL!!!

@Mystery-Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to stop through.