Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hi There...

I'm Gurlnexxdoor. First of all let me thank you for the invite to this blog. I am honored to say the least, to be involved with some of the most talented people in blog land.

My blog is closed, for reasons I won't get into on this blog, but for those here that would like to read it, email me and I will gladly send you an invite.

This is a poem I have written a couple years ago, it's no show stopper but definitely one I hold dear. I don't have a title for it, maybe after you read it you can suggest a title.

i know you feel
you've no reason to live
Some come and take
until you've nothing to give
trials are hard
the road seems long
i've been there my love
you must be strong
i am not trying to rescue
that's something I can't do
i offer love and support
the rest is up to you
you try
and you push me
tell me to run
you tell me you're tainted
but our lives just begun
i see a man shaken
maybe a little afraid
i can't do that
my heart can't be swayed
God brought us here
2 hearts united
accept it--it's easy
stop trying to fight it
i won't let you go
i've nothing but time
lemme show you
this love can't be denied.
written by: gnd


CapCity said...

First of all - that's as much a "show stopper" as anything else posted here! It came thru U from God - what more could one ask for? I loved it! The passionate commitment was heart-felt! I hope to read more!

BloggersDelight said...

This is a wonderful piece, GurlNexxDoor. We are honored that you accepted the invitation.

nikki said...

i love this poem. just a bit of const. crit...the rhyme scheme you've established in the beginning unravels towards the end and as the reader, i kinda tripped up on it. the flow was going beautifully up that moment. just saying something cuz i don't want the beautiful message of this poem to get lost.

GurlNexxDoor said...

capcity--ty it means alot coming from you.

BloggersDelight--thank you, the honor is all mine.

Nikki--Thank you, this "thought" I am not a poet, I just write what is comes to mind, if it takes a poetic form then lucky me, was written as a rebuttal to another poem, I took the same flow from that poem. I will try and use your CC but usually what I think is what you get. Thanks and I will keep it in mind.

Don said...

Hey pretty red woman.

I like when you get up close and personal with your feelings. The poem gives the spirit of a person who offers unconditional love. So I'd name it Love Unconditional.

I am glad you joined the fray.

The OE said...

Hello, I am OE, first let me thank you for being able to comment on this blog. I am honored to be protecting National security. All other information is Top Secret.

GurlNexxDoor said...

Don--Thank you and your right! As I mentioned though it is an older poem.

OE--Well thanks I guess, I won't tell anyone you were here. lol.