Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is...

This is the me...

who has lived a lifetime
danced on air
given at the drop of a dime
stood all that she could bear
dreamed of different worlds
always one to care
like an oysters pearl
obscure and rare
eyes speak of pain
despite the bright glare
who enjoys the rain
who can take a dare
the childlike me
the innocent me
the inner me
the me that hides in shadows
who fades to black
whenever things get shallow
and her spirit lacks
his guidance
his touch
his hand
to guide her back
to the world she wants to leave
his wishes
his dreams
his destiny planned
this is the me...
the me that Jesus would love,
on any given day...from heaven above
the me...he created, for you.


Kai C. said...


Sharon said...

Gone Miz with yo bad a$$!!!

The me that was created for you...gurl I'm loving this knowledge of self and love of self being displayed all up in here ;)

Shout it from the rafters and the rooftops my sistah that there are still some good ones out here!!!