Sunday, April 6, 2008

the queen4-6-08

the queen

the queen i see

she thinks

she lives in a castle

with rich souls

royal men

as they bow their heads

kissiing her toes

without questioning her peers

oh the queen i dislike

she's a dumb gullible bitch

a innocent whore

only mens' property

and she doesn't care who she is

she just follow her momma's footsteps

on the street

where there's the ghetto in the night

working for money

stripping down naked

a place where there's nobody treated her like a queen

only in fairy tales

and dreams

just bunch of ol' sick men

woke her up

raping her

beating her

while she cried out

on a violent storm

hating herself...

hating this world

that cause her so much


she's no qeen after all

she's just a depressin

who lived in the street corners

watching the time goes by.....


©2008 Kai C.

for SAAM

it's about a woman who doesn't know where she is, thinking someone can only help her on a silver platter in the strrreets. but no , sexual violents came hitting her right at the heart....and she had lost all self-esteem.

it makes her even bitter!


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

DAYUM Princess! I didn't know you had this kind of raw emotion in you. Thank you so much. Your support is precious to me. XOX

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Kai C. said...

than you ali's zay