Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I wanted to be loved

So I walked with a sway in my step

Talked with a roll in my neck and a wag to my finger

He nodded

and the back of his head said

"Be who you are Sis, even if she ain’t me Sis".

I wanted to be loved

So I articulated with staccato beats

Enunciated within an inch of my death

He nodded

and his eyes moved swiftly past me

"Be who you are Miss, but my interests you miss, Miss".

I wanted to be loved

So I dressed myself to the tens

I strutted like a runway panther

He nodded

and his hands reached beyond me

"I Check your look love, but look elsewhere for love, Love".

I wanted to be loved

So I dressed for a righteous search

I spoke warmly and with passion

I walked with a confidence I didn’t know was mine

He nodded

and sent his palms to my hips and his lips to my lips

"I thirst like you thirst and you are my last first".

I am loved, Love.


Anonymous said...

Feelin' this. Fingers snapping!

CapCity said...

"...U are my last first."

TELL me this didn't come from the sistah who says she envies poets 9or do I have u confused w/ another)?! Toss OUT the ENVY - cuz U R one!!

loving this!

MzPoetiK said...

I'm soo feeling this
def deserves some *snaps* to you

I'm new to the site and as a first was perfect...

Don said...

This is tight(!), Femi.

Perfect ending as well.

Don said...

Sidebar: Who in the HELL is responsible for the song HEY YOUNG WORLD being on the playlist?!


Beautiful message within the lyrics.

Mizrepresent said...

OMG Femigog,I LOVE THIS! SO MUCH! You did your thing gurl!

BloggersDelight said...

We agree that this is a wonderful poem, FemiGog.

Mzpoetik - Thank you for visiting our place. We attempted to return the visit but were unable. Please return when you can.

Don - Thank you for appreciating our fine mix of Hip Hop classics.

Shai said...

I love how you played on words in the last lines of each stanza. The very last line I love it.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh I was grooving when I clicked onto your

clever!! very clever

lea78 said...

Gone with yo bad self. Walk that walk girl

Mega Rich said...

This was real smooth. For a minute I thought it was Sojourner writing from a women's perspective. It had his imprint on it but I was delighted to see your name on it because it showed yet another side of you.

Femigog said...

Thanks y'all!