Monday, November 5, 2007

Invitation acceptances

We appreciate each of you who submitted such creative pieces at such short notice. We continue to be amazed and surprised by the "delights" that we have discovered through this blogging project.

Below are the bloggers and the titles of their pieces which fit into the theme of Love and Redemption to be included in our upcoming publication as indicated in the original invitation:

Mr. Ash - a piece entitled AmaSong.
Mr. Jones - a piece entitled Pray Black.
Ms. McCrary - a piece entitled Love.
Ms.Tery - an untitled piece.
Mr. Smith - a piece entitled Worlds Apart.

*click image for its source.


MysTery said...

Once again, I am very honored and grateful that my piece was chosen.
Never knew such few words could have such an impact!

Be blessed.

Shai said...

Congrats to all the winners, I cannot wait to read this collaboration.

Don said...

YES! It means alot.

Bloggers Delight, I really appreciate it.

smoking guns said...

The fix is in. I didn't get picked. WTF!

BloggersDelight said...

MysTery & Don - We are honored that you sent submissions.

Shai - We appreciate your support.

Smoking Guns - We hope that you will consider submitting when we produce a new publication.

All visitors - please remember that everyone with writing aspirations are invited to join our list of contributors. Please send an email and we will send an invitation.

bygpowis said...

thanks for picking a brah. this is my first publication. on to more.

bygpowis said...

mys, what up with the haiku responses? i'm waitin'.