Thursday, November 8, 2007

He said

He said…

I love you
I say I love you too!
My first love
My Boo!
He breaks my heart in two.

He said…

I do.
I say forever.
He said forever ever
Then he chooses another lover.

He said…

You’re cute
You’re sweet
You make my heart skip a beat
I want to make love to you
Make you my wife
Make you my lover for the rest of my life
Have you as a friend
Someone whom I can depend
My one and only…till the end

He screwed me.
Played me.
Hurt me.
Slayed me.
Toyed with me.
Tried to destroy me…

He said…

I was meant for you…
Feeding my fantasy…thru and thru
Wanted to love me unconditionally
I fought with all my heart
To remain stagnant and apart
But then I let him in
To places where no one has ever been
I gave
Plans were made
While emotions ran high…
Then… he said…goodbye

He says a lot of ish! But the funny thing is….I’m still listening.


Don said...

Touching poem, Mizrepresent. I could really feel the emotions running high in your words. No one can just write this - they have to really feel it.

Don't let the heartbreak change you or result in you breaking someone else heart out of fear, or even worse, payback for what another man did to you.

It would be something if a woman who has been touched in a bad way could bond with a man who has experienced the same.

The Old Earth within me tells me that it could only result in strength and victory.

Sidebar: I like the way you hooked your poem in a manner where you spoke on different men and instances yet the common denominator remained the same - a NO GOOD ASZ NIGGA!

Newfound love will never heal the wounds, but it can definitely unravel them.

One day, I am sure, you and I both will be able to dream again.

Don't allow past hurt to stop you from allowing the next man to completely open the little girl in you, up again.

I wish you well.

CapCity said...

i needed a drink before - now i need a stronger drink...

i guess that means it's good, sis - i sho' felt it;-)

MysTery said...


MysTery said...


lea78 said...

Damn that was deep. I felt that. I know Don is saying don't blame all men on another man's actions, but I swear I am one step away from lining all of them up and start cutting waist below with a chainsaw.

Mizrepresent said...

Don- i hold no one accountable, or curse the next one with my last line speaks volumes...i'm still listening.

Cap- lady have that drink on u know how i feel, felt.

Mystery- dang, yes, but oh how i feel that thing will get better and that i am deserving.

lea78- yes lady, i feel at most times like you.

Mega Rich said...

As I've been told when writing "Show don't tell" - good advice to take in relationships as well.

Don't believe everything you hear and half of what you see. Tap into the spirit so you can discern -- advice for all of you reeling from heartache.

MzPoetiK said...

That last line touched me..."I'm still listening" in most cases we always are...nice write sis

Anonymous said...

oh wow....that last line was da hook. seems that we all find ourselves in that position from time to time. first time shame on you, second time shame oh me.

Femigog said...

Girl! This is what I mean! You nailed every woman's psyche with this one. And yes we ALL are still listening....
I envy poets

BloggersDelight said...

Mizrepresent, thank you for sharing this poem of forgiveness.