Monday, March 17, 2008

A Cup of You

If I could pour you in a cup
It would be a hot
An, oh, so potent fluid
Sliding down my throat
Sustaining me
Giving me warmth
Traveling down my chest
Past my heart to
The center of my soul
A flavor so succulent, sweet
Teasing, tantalizing
My tongue
If only I could savor you
Bottle you up
I am at the last drop
So I swirl you around my mouth
Wishing I could lick
The bottom of the cup

© Shai Lynn K. Davis


Kai C. said...


!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...


MysTery said...

Lol, nice.

MzPoetiK said...

Nice write.

Mizrepresent said...

Love it "i am the last drop."

Sharon said...

The imagery here is almost tactile my sistah. I have certainly been at that point where I wanted to save what I knew was the last drop I was gonna be getting for whatever reason and this is exactly what it felt like!

Shai said...

Thanks everyone.

Erotic-minded folks thought I was speaking of oral sex. NOT! LOL.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

DAYUM! Oral sex or not... DAYUM! This one is on fire!

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

BloggersDelight said...

We'll DRINK to that!

N. Steven said...

oh HECK yes. I'm a fan of this. I'm definately going to be coming through here a lot.

umph. felt this one in my belly.