Monday, March 17, 2008

The Words In Between

He came to me
Wasn’t sure what he needed
But he succeeded
In getting me to drop my guard
It wasn’t hard
It was worth it
His words were perfect
Almost too per- but I’m not lyin
This man was tryin
His mission clear as day
He wants it he has to pay
Not money but attention
Not to mention
That this game he's spittin
Has been written
Line for line
We could go
I already know
So does he
Mind to mind
He is me
It wasn’t in the physical we connected
It was the words we respected
Didn’t just happened
It was real



Anonymous said...

EVERY writer ought to be able to get down with this! Speak for us Pahtnah!

Mizrepresent said...

I hear ya and feel ya on this!

Sharon said...

Well you sure got my attenton with this much said in such short lines!

I'm inspired to try writing something using simple short phrasing as you have here and see what happens ;)

Kai C. said...

very deep

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Great work, other than that, I plead the fifth! ;-)

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

BloggersDelight said...

"Mind to mind" - the most Delight-ful realm. Great piece!

Rich said...

this flows like a hop hop song. nice.

Rich said...

You could have called it "back and forth" cause it's just as tight read from the bottom up.