Monday, March 17, 2008


I feel a burning in my chest
You've stolen it
And it seems you will never give it back to me
Through the good,
The bad,
The worst,
You will hold my heart so hard it hurts.

I look into your eyes
Tell you I'm fine
Truth is, I've lied.

I weep
Tears soaking through my sheets

I can't admit
To tell,
It would show I'm really weak.

So here I am
Hands at your feet
Here I am
Admitting defeat



Kai C. said...

thats sweet

Mizrepresent said...

So eloquently said, so very sad.

Sharon said...

So here I am
Hands at your feet
Here I am
Admitting defeat

I love that "Hands at your feet" is so incredibly visual for me and speaks to such a terribly sad and defeated posture.

I'm leaving now because this actually made me sad.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

I dont even know you yet after reading this I find myself wanting to apologize for every base instinct that I ever allowed to rule my life and the lives of those who loved me. Like Sharon and Miz said, it's sad. Sad because it takes me back to... Well, you described it so well here.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

BloggersDelight said...

The strength that this weakness shows is powerful!

N. Steven said...

yeesh. i feel you on this one. reminds me of a young love lost oh so long ago.

good stuff. i'm gonna start posting more on my site now. ya'll are...what's that word? ohyeah, inspiring me.

CapCity said...

NOICE!!! (tha's BETTER than nice;-)

MysTery said...