Friday, March 7, 2008

Warning four letter word alert (only one though)

Anything But

Love me in the ways of fantasy, the rhymes of dreams.
Let rainbows of ecstasy shower and anoint me.
Wasted life stains the soft cotton (un)-covers.

The scene of a massacre,
Left to lie in ruins, devoured and left hollow.

Don’t I deserve the chase?
Don’t I merit disdain, anger and at last indifference?

Instead of work late lies, I am knees and elbows.
No dinners, no movies (unless I star, of course)

“That’s not us.”
“You not that type ma.”

I let you know me better than me because 7 ½ is better than cool sheets.
“So whassup wit that?” --is better than invisibility.


Better a backache than heartache.


Better to practice technique for Mister right.


If I must wear the bruises I may as well feel the sting.
Damn Right.
Dig deep and make some noise, I wanna feel it out and in.
You are right, that’s not us,

Well, it’s me but not with you.

With you,
fuck it, this’ll do.


Anonymous said...

Your spectrum is vast. That's about the most "street" I've read of you. Like everything else you write, I like!

Kai C. said...


CapCity said...

"Better a backache than heartache."


U certainly Dig DEEP, Sistah Femigog!

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

I come to pay homage to the winner.

Your emotions filtered through carefully chosen words at such high pressure made for a piece that was perfectly dark, intensely concentrated, covered with a thick, reddish brown layer of sadness, but with a very sensual after-taste.

Much respect,

Alizé (