Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Duet With the Sojourner to End My Week

Hello everyone! I just want to say how much fun it has been posting my poetry on this site and having so much wonderful feedback. I really appreciate this platform as a showcase of so many great poets and writers! I want to end my week of posting with a joint collaboration including myself, the Femigog and the very talented Sojourner G! I hope you all enjoy because we really enjoyed writing it together....He is in Red and I am in White....


He sees in me a great and terrible tragedy.
My calves pull him closer to the beautiful mystery of it all.
He sees up close the battlefield, the limbs and pieces of false Gods and would-be demons.
The sight made him ravenous as he took heavy bites from the fruit beneath my breast."

Conscience ringing the klaxon call,
Even as I savor the honey sweetness of poison death.
Angels rush like antibodies to preserve what is already lost;
Personification of paradox, resisting yet rushing to the vortex.

"My liquid life bursts from between his bright sharp teeth,
flees down his arm and pools at his feet.
Mingling with hard earth to birth souls
We are a beautiful corruption."

Burning my skin to the point of ecstacy
The bitter fertilized seed of this coupling
Portends horror delightful bliss,
Acidic growth smelling of rose

Always and especially throughout the day
I think of his grace above and beneath me.
Wishing always and especially for seamless curtains
of night and waking hours of demanding daydreams.

Exquisite is the fear of losing my soul in her
Comforted by the soft pillow lushness of her reassurances
Mental conflict waged, lost, then won
Initiated into the fraternity of those who truly know love.


Kai C. said...


Kai C. said...

p.s. thanks for sharing your poetry with us! i love them all!:)

MzPoetiK said...

Nice job...both of you :)