Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Massacre of Saint Valentine

Massacre of Saint Valentine

There is a debt for this offense
Assign those needs (every necessity)
Announce what lacks (so much)
Stone me bloody (negate me)

Sit staring from there
Waiting only to (in case)
Watch up close (too near)
To scrutinize your perfect flaws (every one)

Use, shame, take, hurt
Speak this language (learn anger)
Gorge on this dignity (until full)
I will never empty (never tire)

Hooks, hooks hold fast
Drop into this gentle noose (these arms)
To arms so vicious (cannibal limbs)
Lover’s tongue is no match (sweet venom)

Why not this poison then
Every drop of ink is (life blood)
From these veins and still (you mock)
Pallid, breathless, invisible (this me)

Deflect, run, preserve and stay safe
Flay, slice, gnash and tear (with love)
To pieces and burn to ash (to dust)
Every cry, I loose in your name (your champion)

Your monster


Anonymous said...

You make a brother want to go on sabbatical so that the world would leave me alone long enough to fully consider your words.

You do stretch minds...

Sharon said...

I want so badly to get this, however, at this point it remains elusively out of my grasp. I'll come back many times and read it again and again and sooner or later I know I will understand what exactly it means for me.

Believe it or not, this is the process I love most about poetry...trying to figure out what it means to me. Thanks for the challenge!

Rich said...

Umm, can I say we are friends when you blow up?

Rich said...

This is that Toni Morrison type stuff.

CapCity said...

Wow... Gurl, did u ever have the chance to meet Sistah Octavia Butler? U r certainly doing her proud. This is serious. Do the people who KNOW u, Femigog know how serious U are? Again, Wow.

Shai said...

Ok, I am lost like Sharon. I am not into Octavia or Toni so maybe I am not meant to get it. LOL.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Heat. Brain bending Heat.

Sharon said...

Like the Energizer Bunny, I'm still going trying to figure this out. Some of this seems to speak to the harm one can do in the name of loving another; but still, I'm not sure about this because it also seems to speak of the harm loving another can cause one's self.

Deflect, run, preserve and stay safe
Flay, slice, gnash and tear (with love)
To pieces and burn to ash (to dust)
Every cry, I loose in your name (your champion)

As I read the last line of this, I see a picture in my mind of a parent whose child has turned out to be a disappointment even though he/she has been the center of this parent's life.

I'm still hopelessly lost here...I'll try again later ;#

Anonymous said...

I've been turning this over for a few days and it seems like inner turmoil. I get the image of a character looking in a mirror (in the early stanzas) and either not liking or questioning what she sees. Something going on with the heart I think. The source/voice of the inner turmoil, expressed in the writing?

Am I getting warm? LOL

You just out "deeped" me.

Sharon said...

I'm back again and still not there yet. Thanks G for showing up here and letting me know that I am not alone in being "out-deeped" ;)

Femi, please know that though my back and forth here might sound like it is a bit painful, this is maybe the most fun I've had with poetry all year and for that I say "Thank you!" You have done for me one of the things I believe poetry is intended to do...make one ponder and change one's mind so that one must ponder some more...I have to go ponder now :-)

Femigog said...

Yes G! You are more than warm.
It is a person looking in the mirror and trying to reconcile what they see in the reflection.

I like the idea you had about the mother and child situation. certainly children are a reflection of their parents and not being able to soothe the monster within your child would leave a mother tormented and hurt. It correlates very well with the sentiment of the poem.

Thanks so much to everyone who weighed in on this one. I appreciate everyone being so open to my writing style no matter how convoluted it may be...

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just graduated or something!
[cue Pomp and Circumstance]