Friday, January 11, 2008

BD's First Annual Readers' Choice Award - reposting with Clarity

HisTory/HerStory/YourStory...The Poetic Voice

Submit a poem or two on the above theme
... showcasing your best Poetic Voice.

Maximum: 35 lines TOTAL (no more than two poems, please)
Deadline: Feb. 15th. -- Start POSTING them today, if you'd like or take sometime to think about it.
How: Post a poem & indicate either in Title or by adding an asterisk with topic in body of poem.
*In order to make it easier for readers to refresh their memories, we will provide links directly to all entries above the poll (links to the submitted poems will be posted starting the first week in February).*

Theme: YOU interpret the above as YOU choose - no relationship requirements or information need be divulged. We look forward to the creative versions that will abound here, no doubt!
We will post a Poll to include the names of all Contestants on February 15th.
Interested, but not yet a contributor? Please send us an email:
Again: Submitted Poems will have links clearly posted beginning the first week of February.
Readers will have until February 29th to enter their votes on our poll.

The winning poet with most votes will be the Featured & Only Contributor for the entire First Week of March: 1st - 8th! Winner will also have that distinguished Title: (1st B.D. Readers' Choice Poet) added to their Blog-roll listing. No cash prizes this time - we are just doing this for the fun of it!

Thank you in advance for participating and spreading the word.
And Thank you to Sojourner G and Iventbyblogging for bringing the discrepancies to our attention. We get better because of our participants!

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Anonymous said...

Is entry by normal posting or is there some other method?

CapCity said...

I need to get to writin' on some poetry! *Sigh ... so much to do*


ok...i'm a smidge slow:
is the theme hisstory or herstory or ourstory?
or is it hisstory,herstory,ourstory , ie must u be in a relationship in order to qualify?

BloggersDelight said...

Sojourner G and Iventbyblogging - we hope that your questions have been answered in the repost. Thank you again for them.

CapCity - This is just for fun. No pressure.