Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Trash You Left Behind

The trash you left behind
Brought your memories to my mind
Letters, poems, candid pictures
Promised lies, lost futures
Bring back tears and the pain
Of our bitter parting allover again
We haven’t changed and if we met…
Emotions spring that I can not let…
I have a future now, you are the past
The midnight dream that did not last
All those reminiscences start to pale
When I weigh them on the scale
Of Mr. Man and our son
The past is past; can’t be undone
Our love lost out but we both won
The kind of now where we belong
But I can not put your trash away
At least not yet, not today
I still mourn what we left behind
Like shackles that eternally bind
I hold the keys but dread freedom
I don’t want yet to be free from
The bitter memory of our shared ecstasy
I am not living any fantasy
You were no knight in shining armor
Treated me worse than a paramour
I was your slave, your little whore
Well those were the days of yore
A past nobody else can remember
Except once a year, every October
I mourn the pain of leaving you
You marked my heart like a tattoo
All I can recall is pain and hurt
Like a stabbing wound from a vengeful cut

The trash you left behind

Bring your memories to my mind


clnmike said...

Damn can you say BITTER, lol.

I felt that one so it must be good.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh wow, i felt that!

Kai C. said...

quite bitter but beautifully written

CapCity said...

Man, I'm glad I've put (most of;-) the old garbage out! LOL! Well said, Kiibaati!

MysTery said...

aww. :(