Monday, July 28, 2008

SAVE the DATE!!!! Bloggers' Delight TAKES NYC

I'm so excited! This is so nice I've gotta post it twice (here & @ my spot;-):

U all asked for it & Y(our) prayers have been answered! Bloggers' Delight, vol 1 will be completing its premiere tour in the BIG APPLE at an exclusive Harlem location (to be revealed along with the rest of the details very soon;-). Please - Save the DATE & make no other plans for: Saturday, October 11th, 2008 (probably early evening: 6-9pm - but the details are being worked out)!

Yes, it's Columbus Day weekend. Yes, I know most New Yorkers blast out of the city at the mention of a long weekend. But, the other authors in the collection with me want to tour The Big Apple along with the rest of the tourists;-)!

So, c'mon - stayCation with us, for this once in a life-time chance! Besides - NYC can't let the ATL beat 'em on numbers of bloggers who came thru & showed luv! At least 15 bloggers came through the ATL signing. I KNOW more than 15 bloggers live in or near enough to Harlem to come through;-). Will it help entice U if the event includes an assortment of food, beverages & it's FREE (though we may need to take up a good-will offering;-)? Where else can u get all this on a holiday weekend?

All those folx who said U wanted us to come through NYC ... U coming through? We're giving U an early heads up, so u can't say U didn't know). C U there (again - details will follow very soon;-)!!

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