Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty. Purrfect. Peace.

I. am. at. peace. in my prettiness.

Peace of mind takes piece of time.

I have arrived in this purrfect place...

Thanx 2 The Creator.

I'll meet U here.

Take a load off in this comfy chair.

Kick off your shoes.

Let me run your bath water while we

Sip spirits & explore depths of each other's psyche.

Look at me. Enjoy the view.

Look into me and enjoy that, too.

I love your heavy voice and the light-hearted words flowing from your intellectual muscle.

You are comfortable with me being pretty. purrfect. flawed. at peace.

I am comfortable with me being pretty. purrfectly flawed. at peace.

You are at ease with U: purrfect at presenting your purpose to purchase your help meet.

I am at ease with U: purrfectly honored at your efforts to acquire such a help meet as Me.

Let us move on from our former selves as we disrobe and pursue anew.

Let us knead and heal each other as we slip into new waters bubbling with anticipation.

Let us wash away the grime of past crimes caused by immature ignorance ingrained by society.

Look at me glowing. refreshed. pretty purrrfectly for U. at peace.

Look at U flowing luvingly with & into purrfect for U me. at peace.

~ C.A. Paige©June2008

***MUST NOTE that I AM TOO EXCITED for The Obama Family - now tha's all the politics I'm going to mention today;-)****


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hey nella LOL

Kai C. said...


Lovebabz said...

The more I see this, the more I love it! The more I KNOW it needs to be over at PCHATS!

Calder said...

Soothing read Capcity, enjoyed, especially this line

"I love your heavy voice and the light-hearted words flowing from your intellectual muscle."

Have a favorable day, keep a smile!

CapCity said...

T-dawg - nella? is that a female jones;-). LOL! thanx hun!

Kai - thanx, sweetie!

LoveB - as u know i will when things slow down over there. LOL! ;-)

Calder - glad I could soothe your intellectual muscle, dear;-).

CapCity said...

T-dawg - how could I forget Nella!? Whooops;-)

Sharon said...

Alright newly designated triplet of mine, get the hell outta my head! Oh the thrill of being free to be totally YOU! I have felt that and plan to feel that from here on out if I have anything to say about it at all.

ALSO, that pic of you is sooooooo pretty it had to inspire this piece or minimally, it had to accompany this piece. You go TRIPLET!

CapCity said...

Sistah Sharon - don'tcha LUV being GrownAzz@PeaceWitSelf Woman? LOL! poem was inspired by a conversation with a happily married ex & the photo is special to me cuz I took it in the house that my great-grand father had built "down the country" & I felt surrounded by ancestral spirits. ;-)