Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sought Potential, Part II- Potent Potential!

Sought Potential Part I (read the origianl)..../HE thinks I shine/ Curiosity of my potential leads me to continue to climb and climb/But sometimes the hand of time refuses to shake my hand in agreement/ So I carve my name in the cement of patience/

Right now, I want you to do the same and carve your name in that same cement of patience and anticipate the continuation of this poem. Patience is indeed a virtue.

by Christoph Jenkins

Now that I have engraved my name in that cement/ The clock on the wall of this world no longer seems relevant/ Because of the time that He spent on the cross/ He hung high and lost His life/ So that I might realize my full potential/ However, it is essential that you know/With all clarity and complete sincerity/ That I will never acquire enough credentials/ To reach the potential He has set for me/ He adores me!/ And I do Him/ Before I knew Him, my future was bleak as can be/ Desolate!/ My potential was weak as can be/ There was no hope!/ I'll testify right now/ It's best to try him/ And I know how/ Be honest with yourself and with Him/ Shelf your old ways and do away with them/ Verbally ask God to reside in you/ Because believe you me, He takes pride in YOU/ Especially, when you take pride in Him/ I use to take short timid steps/ Now, I can stride in Him/ Psalms 18 and 2 is my proclamation/ Let it be your proof if you need documentation/ HE told me I have Potent Potential/ All because I allowed my heart to become residential/ You should do the same?/

Give your life to Christ! Do it this day because tomorrow might be too late.

God Bless!!!


Stephen Bess said...

Amen! Amen! Shout it before the great assembly. May we all follow your lead and tell all we can.

Christoph Jenkins said...

Stephen- Thank you for your hand of agreement. We must stand together to build the front line of God's army. It's not a game out here. The devil is trying to come strong at all of us. We have got to link up and walk this walk together. He has our back. Lets spread the good news.


princeify said...

i really enjoyed myself reading through your blogs.i will definitely visit your blog again

Christoph Jenkins said...

thank you very much. i appreciate your kind words. i'll stop by your place soon enough