Sunday, May 18, 2008

B.Delight, Vol 1: Great Income Source

Want to make the easiest $25 you'll ever make? Simply sell a mere FIVE copies of Bloggers' Delight, Vol 1 on Love & Redemption!!

There are two options:

U take complete control: 1) Purchase 5 copies directly from The BD production team at $10 per copy and sell them at the full price of $15 at your place of employment, family cook out or at your local fair. The summer's a great time for this! This is also a great option for those who prefer NOT to shop via internet.

U set the wheels in motion and wait for the money to roll in: 2) Send the following link to ALL of your friends, relatives & colleagues ( For every FIVE single copy purchases made by your contacts The BD production team will send U a money order for $25. You should send us an email of everyone you send the link to so that we can ensure you are properly credited when they make their purchase! Also, be sure to tell those you refer to put your name inside the link for special instructions just below the item description (Add special instructions to seller). The sales will be tallied at the end of each month.

Feel Free to sell more than 5 copies. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!



smoking guns said...

Can a negro get a CD with that purchase, y'all be spinning the tracks over here.

BloggersDelight said...

Thank you. Unfortunately, we do not have such copyrights allowing the inclusion of music CD's with book sales. This is something that our team will take into consideration for future projects and collaborations.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Awesome idea!

Peace and Love,

Alizé (