Saturday, January 19, 2008


** I like to refer to this style as "run-on" because some of the lines run into the next one.


never was one to share

my heart

belongs to I

give you the stick

to my game plan and keep

my emotions

intact – I was hurt but

looking for a place to fall

inside you

nurtured me back

to friends we go

around and around


can you give

and take

your love

for me to

someone else.


MzPoetiK said...

Creative! Nice write. :)

CapCity said...

U know the initial explanation threw me - i thought this was Girly Girl (u must be taking notes;-). I'm digging it!

Blu Jewel said...

nice flow Rich...feeling this!

BloggersDelight said...

Mega Rich, the many possible interpretations make this an intriguing piece.

Nakeel said...

Loving it so sweet

Mizrepresent said...

That was tight Rich.

MysTery said...

Nice. :)

nikki said...

"i was looking for a place to fall inside you"

LOVE that line. great poem, rich.

Ali's Zay said...

Forgive me for saying so, but I think your explanation takes away from the piece. When I cleared my mind and read it again, my intellect was tickled in the most pleasant way by this piece and its intriguing permutations.

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (

Anonymous said...

I'm wit Zay. Very cool piece.

Mega Rich said...

Well noted my brothers. Thanks for the kind words ladies.